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The Research and Development of the Numerial Control System for Hydraulic High-speed Turret Punch Press

Author LvMingMing
Tutor WangPingJiang
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Turret Punch Special CNC system High speed I / O control Flexible acceleration and deceleration
CLC TG385.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As one of the eight categories of the forging machine tool CNC punch press, widely used in machinery, automotive, aerospace, weapons, electronics and other industries. Phenomenon for domestic CNC system in the field of high-speed hydraulic turret punch press is still blank, research and development of high-speed hydraulic turret punch CNC system. Special CNC system in the analysis of high-speed turret punch press, CNC hydraulic device, feed based on control of the servo system, hydraulic system and mold change systems, the overall design based industrial PC FPGA hardware platform and software platform based on Linux RTAI programs. The entire platform with high performance, flexible configuration, compact, easy-to-use, reliability and good. The high-speed hydraulic turret punch press stamping by the I / O signals feed movement and punching movements, both through the completion of the feed in place and stamping co. This paper analyzes 16ms for ordinary PLC scan cycle process these signals can not reach 600 beats / min stamping indicators 1ms cycle interpolation task into the movement and punching movement I / O signals processing, to achieve high-speed I / O scanning and control. High-speed hydraulic turret punch press feed movement with high-speed intermittent reasonable control algorithm can reduce the impact of the undesirable phenomenon of the oscillation, overtravel and out of step. In this paper, the characteristics of high-speed intermittent movement selected deceleration after interpolation control program. At the same time, based on the analysis of linear, exponential curve, and the conventional S curve acceleration and deceleration control, proposed for dedicated control system based on the simplified segment S curve acceleration and deceleration control method. From hydraulic high-speed turret punch practical point of view, the analysis and implementation of dedicated processing functions commonly used in the the actual stamping operation process. The program carried out in the upper material of the workpiece coordinate system is established, Ha Leika parameter settings, the handling of the special plates and pre-pressure feed position determining steps to ensure the positioning of the plates in the various circumstances; When the length of the workpiece plate is more than the stroke of the punch , using the development of the re-positioning function, can realize a large sheet metal stamping; to ensure that in the stamping process, the clamp will not be punch punch touch, on the basis for detecting the position of the clamp, a clamp protection area; development of the punch a dedicated processing instruction, the fixed cycle stamping and online modify stamping parameters function. In addition, the article also completed on the development of special numerical control system test, compared with the the punch FUNAC-OIP series CNC system. The comparison results show that: the developed high-speed hydraulic turret punch CNC system stable and reliable performance of the technical indicators have reached the level of imported CNC system.

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