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The Research of Present Teenagers’ Basketball Development Situation in Yulin Area

Author HaoHaoQiang
Tutor GuoBin
School Xi'an Institute of Physical Education
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Yulin area Teenagers Basketball game Present situation and strategies
CLC G841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This paper adopts many kinds of research methods, such as the literature material method, expert interviewing, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics and logic analysis and so on. Taking the basketball backup talents and sports teachers in the 20 ordinary high schools in Yulin Prefecture as the research object, it makes an investigation and analysis for their basketball grounds and equipment, the degree of the students’participation and parents’support, sports teachers’professional level, schools’support degree, operating system, and enterprise’s participation degree.Firstly, the investigation finds that the Present situation of the teenagers’ basketball personnel training in Yulin area is:most schools in Yulin area are lack of playing grounds and facilities, which are fundamental to students’training and competing. The students’enthusiasm to basketball is high. However, the training time is insufficient; the training is inefficient; the opportunity for competing is limited; and the students’outlet is narrow. What’s worse, the pressure from the entrance examination and parents is immense. This is one of the main factors why the basketball game in Yulin area can not be improved all along. Sports teachers’ academic degrees and professional title structures are reasonable, which lays the foundations for the development of Yulin basketball game. However, sports teachers’ learning backgrounds are quite different; their sports experiences before teaching are limited; their wages and welfare treatments in different regions are quite different; the executing training plan and the training syllabus of them is ineffective. Thus, the basketball in Yulin goes no further. Under the pressure of entrance examinations, all schools pay little attention to basketball so that their investments in basketball are not enough. The source of fund channels is few and the money used in basketball is insufficient. Thus, the basketball can not develop quickly and well. The operating system and competition system of teenagers’basketball in Yu Lin area are not perfect, whose competition system can not help to check and improve the training result. Most of the enterprises in Yulin are private ones, and their competition attitude is not positive. Thus, their investment in basketball is unreasonable, which does not have a positive effect on the development of teenagers’basketball in Yulin area.Secondly, the following are the strategies to foster teenage basketball personnel’s in Yulin:raising social funds through various channels to improve the quality of basic facilities; improving the amount of per capital basketball ground to meet the demand of most students’training and competing, strengthening the modern sports mind of the parents and students instead of the traditional one; opening all schools’basketball grounds freely to all students; improving the training level; giving students more opportunities to compete in basketball game; holding regular basketball game every year; improving training courses for basketball coaches; reducing the gap of different welfare treatments; paying much attention to building up sports management personnel and sports teaching staff, and according to the plan, promoting the scientific training level of the sports teachers step by step; realizing the importance of present basketball development; paying much attention to the basketball game; ensuring the participation of teachers and students; decontrolling the source of fund channels; pledging to develop basketball game quickly and well; maximize the actions of axis or level in basketball competition; increasing the amounts of basketball competition; arranging the competition form flexibly; replacing the training by competition and using the completion to stimulate the training to enlarge the connotation of basketball competition, so that the different levels of training will work in concert with each other. With the help of government’s interference, calling on enterprises to support some teenager’s basketball games; making the enterprises’investments more reasonable and more sustained; intensifying the idea of the modern sports in various social communities, promoting the cooperation among schools and enterprises, so that the sports culture will carried forward.

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