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Investigation and Countermeasures Team of Basketball Referee of Hunan Province

Author DengBo
Tutor ShenWeiHua
School Hunan University of Science and Technology
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Hunan Province basketball referee status quo development
CLC G841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In the recent years, the level of the basketball refereeing in Hunan province is at standstill. There is a significant difference between Hunan refereeing and excellence of the area, both in expertise and overall quality. Due to the increasing number of the various large sports event in Hunan, and the improvement of the event level, the level of sport of basketball has reached a new level. And along with it is the necessity of reconstructing the referee team. The current construction of the referee team is much less than ideal. In order to analyze the current situation of the development of the refereeing in Hunan, locate the obstacles in the process, propose feasible measures and bring the team development to a stable, healthy stage, this article conducts a research in the measures of documentation, questionnaire survey, video observation, mathematical statistics, interview and contrast analysis, for the purpose of studying the current condition of the referee team in Hunan.Also this article aims at a significant contribution to the development of the referee team in Hunan. In this paper, literature, online search, survey, statistics, logical analysis and other research methods, from the macro and micro levels of Basketball Referees, Hunan province depth study , the study found basketball team in Hunan the following problems:1. Hunan Basketball Referees structure needs to be optimized: the high-level referees less, regional and gender imbalances, young referees age structure fault trend appears;The Hunan basketball referee’s knowledge and skills is not comprehensive. the level of English proficiency and computer needs to be improved, access to new professionals information Channels are not smoothly, go study, learning, observation activities inadequate opportunities.2. Hunan basketball referee selection and training system is not reasonable. Hunan high-level basketball referee training cycle is long, the young Referee On-site training inadequate opportunities, lack of monitoring and evaluation mechanism and the department。Management mode and mechanism of Hunan basketball referees is not perfect. Lack of regular training system, assessment of adequate intensity, and appointing not reasonable discretion, Are arbitrary. 3. Policy on protection of basketball referees in Hunan Province and legislative constraints are not in place.4. Hunan competition system needs to be strengthened.These problems restricted the healthy development of Hunan Province basketball referee, hindered the pace of progress. For the Hunan referee status quo, Proposed the following measures:1. To establish a scientific mechanism for selection and training, and quality assurance structure of Referees, with emphasis on cultivating the young referee grade promotion.The diversity of training activities on a regular basis. Raise the ideological and moral quality of judges, mental quality, professional English language proficiency, and advanced games on the computer network equipment, ability to use the equipment, specific research capabilities. The departments concerned to provide meals for the referee training, learning and the opportunity to observe and absorb good experience outside the province.2. Strengthen the higher authorities for referee training and assessment efforts, and emphasis improve the special capabilities and integrated services referee capabilities.Strengthen the management of the referee, establish referee database, Perfect the referee’s appointment mechanism and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.3. Step up publicity and strong security measures for referee and create a good environment.4. Perfect competition system in Hunan Province, as the introduction of high-level games, to promote competition and training.

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