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Study on the Factors Influencing Heat Removing in Rooms for Digital Electronic Equipments with High Heat Emmision Rate

Author ShenHeng
Tutor KangYanMing
School Donghua University
Course Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords CRAC units Unit spacing Air supply Numerical Simulation Thermal environment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Servers and other equipment in the various types of data center room to accommodate a large number of micro- processor , the power consumption and heat release are not only a burden on the infrastructure of air-conditioning equipment , at the same time , the heat inside the rack is also a great impact on server performance . Rack cooling air distribution and air conditioning systems and engine room layout is closely related to the subject of such space thermal environment as the background , by combining model analysis and numerical simulation methods , the way of the typical data center computer room layout and typical blast indoor thermal environment under a comprehensive comparison and analysis . From foreign data center room cooling technology development , application , and the problems start , possible problems are summarized by comparing its engine room layout and airflow organization that the inlet temperature of the data center airflow distribution of electronic equipment and humidity plays a key role . Accordingly , raised floor air supply and the air supply of the top research analyzed the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning units) units in different air supply and spacing of the rack inlet temperature , perforated floor airflow and engine room heat environmental impact. CFD simulation of airflow and temperature distribution inside the engine room and raised floor , the spacing of the CRAC unit level air supply and CRAC units under the vertical air crew . Analysis of the eight kinds of conditions (including four kinds of CRAC unit spacing, two air supply means ) discussed rack cooling air distribution and a perforated floor of the machine room , a heat cycle of every row of external rack , and each row of perforated floor airflow distribution of the top of the air supply unit air supply floor air distribution plate airflow internal air environment of the engine room . The results suggest that the same trend of the changes in the temperature distribution of different blowing conditions . Distribution, in order to obtain a better indoor environment temperature under floor air supply conditions , the best value of the unit spacing 3.66m; roof blower roof return air can be obtained relatively good distribution of the ambient temperature .

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