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Civilian-run Shandong Province Colleges and Universities Sports Teaching Pressent Situation and the Development Countermeasure Research

Author ZhouYan
Tutor SongGuangLin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Shandong private university sports teaching present situation development countermeasure
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Private schools are school or other educational institutions, facing the society, organized according to law by the social organizations or individuals, except national institutions, using non state financial funds. The State encourages social forces organized the implementation of compulsory education in the institutions of education as a national compulsory education supplement. Private university is an important team of private school, and it is also the national higher education new force, the birth of its history nearly 30 years. Due to the policy support, in recent years in our country, the quantity of private colleges and universities is growing sharp, the team expands ceaselessly. For private colleges survival environment, the quality of education and the development direction henceforth, also referred to the study schedule.This article uses the literature material law, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics and logical analysis and other methods, from the overall, comprehensive perspective, the article in-depth and meticulous analysises and researches the Shandong Province ordinary private universities physical education work. This article takes the Shandong province 16 private universities as the research object, through nearly 170 teachers of physical education and sports director of teaching and research section of the questionnaire data collected, sorted and analyzed to get the main contents including the following aspects:1, Shandong private college sports teachers troop construction present situation:including the statistics of physical teachers age structure, gender, education title, school, teacher-student ratio, physical education teachers scientific research level and go out training.2, Shandong province private colleges and universities sports teaching present situation:including sports course in life, the class hours, teaching class, teaching plan writing situation, physical education teaching program formulation and implementation, the selection of teaching materials, teaching content and teaching method of the selection of commonly used.3, private college sports venues, equipment:including indoor, outfield ground (pavilion) building, the quantity and quality of sports equipment such as the number of content. In 4, the source of sports funds and Investment:the main statistics of private colleges and universities into the school sports teaching in the share of funds.In the course of the study results of the following:1, private colleges and universities sports teachers insufficient seriously, gender, education, age, professional title structure is unreasonable, highly educated, high titles in young and middle-aged teachers share some. 2, private colleges and universities sports teaching situation is not optimistic. Sports courses in life and teaching hours is less; teaching content is more boring, commonly used teaching method choice is relatively single, flexible enough, the lack of innovation and targeted; PE achievement evaluation contents and methods is not comprehensive enough, considering the lack of diversity.3, private colleges and universities sports teaching material resources of the status quo is not optimistic. According to the survey, most private college sports venues, equipment can not meet the needs of basic education. Some private college and various indoor and outdoor stadium, museum construction well, and high quality.But the overall situation and the" ordinary college sports venues equipment directory" provisions still have difference, still remain to continue to develop.4, Sports private colleges funds source single, School of sports funds minima.

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