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The Design and Realization of Entertainment Robot Controller and Wireless Communication Network

Author BaiJunLi
Tutor CaoJie
School Lanzhou University of Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Multi-robot Entertainment robot Embedded Control System Bluetooth- technology Wireless communication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of robotic technology and the improving of people’s living standards,the emergence of entertainment robot in ordinary family has become more and more.Currently, the study of multi-robot system is a challenging task, it has wide application areas and great market potential,its need extension covers the industrial, military, medical,and aerospace field.The entertainment robot controller is developed, which has the feature of low-cost, low power, small size and reliability high.Due to the application need of the entertainment robot, the overall design program of the entertainment robot controller is designed.Around the ARM9 microprocessor S3C2440,the design of main control module, the external circuit, Bluetooth interface and other expansion interface circuit are completed.The software is developed based on the transplant embedded Linux OS, and the Bluetooth Ad-Hoc wireless network which is suit for simple, independent, flexible communication of Multi-robot is built.At first, the embedded controller of entertainment robot is designed.The author uses the mapping software of PROTEL DXP to draw circuit diagrams and circuit boards,as well as welds circuit board and connecting machinery sector, and also completes the entire circuit design of entertainment robot controller.The Secondly, the migration of embedded Linux OS.Due to the high performance embedded processor S3C2440, the migration of embedded Linux OS is conducted, and the work of embedded Linux development environment establish, VIVI transplantation, embedded Linux kernel transplantation, the root file system build has completed.The end, multi-robot systems wireless communication network which is suit for enter-tainment robot is studied.Based on the embedded Linux OS,Bluetooth wireless communi-cation network is built by the Bluetooth protocol stack BlueZ.It is proposed a propose that is a Bluetooth Ad-Hoc wireless network construction method which has relatively simple, construction joint rapid topology, meeting the basic needs of the communica-tion between the entertainment robots.The testing of software and hardware is passed, and the result shows that the control system provides the practical solutions for the application of entertainment robot and a better practical solution to the control problem and wireless communica-tion problems of multi-robot system,which makes a useful exploration.

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