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Energy-saving Research in Underground Transformer Substation with Ventilationand Air Conditioning System

Author WangXiangLi
Tutor LiuGang
School Donghua University
Course Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords Underground substation Numerical Simulation Radiation Underlying surface Green
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The city power supply facilities is an important part of the urban infrastructure, increasing the standard of living of urban residents accelerating the pace of building a world-class modern city and Shanghai, the Shanghai electricity demand rapid growth, the tight supply situation is becoming increasingly serious, The city power supply facilities construction has entered a new phase. While the city center is often bustling commercial land, has a high commercial value, and land resources is very limited and valuable, the substation site is hard to find, even if the consent of the land, the area is also very small, difficult to design, co-ordination with the surrounding environment. the requirements of high blend emphasis on architectural style and landscape and environment. The seriousness of the situation forced us to seek new ideas in urban areas building large voltage levels (110 kV, 220 kV, 500 kV) underground substation, combined with the civil construction of the substation to adapt to the new substation construction mode to be shipped Shanghai urban development needs while Health. Jingan (Expo) underground substation is Taiwan's first 500kV underground substation, types of equipment, heat dissipation, high assurance requirements for safe operation of equipment. According to the survey: the failure of the whole household of a 110kV substation transformer room is 67.09% Equipment Thermal no timely discharge caused. And such large underground the substation ventilation and air conditioning system design standards, and also the lack of practical experience and reference works. So full ventilation and air conditioning systems for underground substation construction, it is necessary to simulate their working conditions through the corresponding software to find the optimal design parameters to ensure the safe and reliable use of process equipment running. The study's results not only serve the project, but also to provide technical support for a similar follow-up project. Underground substation by definition that all devices are located underground, ventilation and air conditioning systems need to exchange with the outside world, the quality of interaction between This paper studies underground equipment room ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as the total ground into air vents . The underground part of the primary object of study is the largest heat 220kV main transformer room, using Fluent software to numerical simulation of flow and temperature fields in the transformer room, turbulence simulation Realizable k-ε model, the temperature, using the Boussinesq approximation. With or without radiation conditions by setting the temperature field derived radiation conditions closer to the actual situation. On this basis, to change the effective area of ??the outlet obtained the range of reasonable distribution of indoor temperature field distribution of the effective area of ??the outlet; and simulation analysis of flow field and temperature field under different supply air temperature;, and the blast of cold air distribution optimizes the amount of analysis of simulation results known when the temperature falls below a certain value, you can reduce the rated ventilation air volume of the room, the ventilation program more humane. Study with a similar simulation method other devices (the reactor, grounding transformer chamber), the reactor and grounding transformer chamber are natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, the simulation results show when introduced outside air below a certain value, natural ventilation can eliminate indoor residual heat in the hot pressing. Aerial parts of the large space simulation, the diffusion path of the main exhaust and inlet air temperature, and simplify the processing of the outdoor environment. The degree of solar radiation factors to consider, no analog interference of external factors, by changing the underlying surface (lime, soil, grass), analysis of the exhaust inlet air temperature in the case of different underlying surface . As well as the interference of external factors (the dominant wind direction), by trying a variety of methods (change into the location of the air shaft, ground planting different vegetation) to optimize the diffusion path of the exhaust, the exhaust temperature of the inlet air temperature affect the lowest level .

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