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Studies on Modeling and Control of Distributed Energy Storage System in Microgrid

Author ChenYiZhe
Tutor ZhangBuHan
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Piconet Energy storage Battery Supercapacitor Control strategy Composite Energy Storage
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Large number of distributed power access, the security and stability of large power grids can not be ignored , micro- net is a good solution for a distributed power supply connected to the grid . Micro and stable operation of the network , the energy storage system has played a great role in the control of the energy storage system is the key , so this study micro network storage system modeling and control strategy . This paper begins with a macroeconomic point of view , the overall structure of the piconet do an analysis . First micro- network modeling, to build simulation platform in Matlab , based on Siemens standard 20kV voltage distribution network and 400V low voltage feeder to modify the voltage level and some parameters , the establishment of 10kV medium voltage distribution network and 400V micro network simulation model. Then further study the piconet distributed power model , taking into account the the piconet distributed power generally smaller , focused on the three-phase photovoltaic and asynchronous fan modeling , to study the mathematical model and control strategy access piconet simulation , its port characteristics correctness of the modeling . The focus of this paper is to study the modeling of the energy storage system , first determine the basic structure of the energy storage system : Batteries connected by buck-boost bi - directional DC / DC circuit boost a bi-directional DC / AC converter , and then through a filter and transformer liter pressure to the power grid . Studied the DC / AC inverter and DC / DC converter , the mathematical model and control strategy . Access to the piconet of the simulation model of the structures of the energy storage system to do simulation , the energy storage system can exchange power to the micro-grid , to verify the feasibility of such a structure . The innovation of this paper lies is to propose a short-term load forecasting based energy storage system active control strategy , the battery can not be frequent charge-discharge characteristics , made ??improvements on the traditional control strategy to determine the charging and discharging of the energy storage system in load forecasting based on interval , and do the simulation study of energy storage systems for micro network load shifting ; study energy storage system to improve the stability of distributed power piconet ; propose a battery and super capacitor composite energy storage structure , consider the characteristics of the battery and supercapacitor complementary , and both take different control strategies through simulation study composite energy storage for power fluctuations stabilize micro- network analysis and simulation results indicate that this structure is feasible .

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