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A Research and Development for Single Chip Micyoco AVR Usage

Author WeiMingCai
Tutor TanHongZhou
School Sun Yat-sen University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords AVR Microcontroller Intelligent switch Light perception Energy-saving Microprocessor ATmega48 PIR CDS
CLC TP368.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In order to respond the subject of save energy & environmental conservation in the world and satisfy the actual market demand of using small household appliances during daily life, I have invented a new intelligent switch, which is satisfied with the demand of saving energy on the basic of choosing the current prevalent micro single chip AVR as integrated circuit to study. In this dissertation, some main research and work have been made on how to explore this intelligent sense switch as following:Learn & study similar products: for design this intelligent sense switch met with our conceive, firstly familiar with working principle of the similar product on domestic and foreign household appliances; at the same time, learning similar sense switch made in other corporation also, such as sound control switch, light control switch, sound & light control switch etc.Make the working flow-chart for whole product’s research and design: referring to generally working flow-chart during a new project R&D, specify a new developing frame conformed to this intelligent sense switch itself.Establish the model including all of its components: according to actual using demand outdoor & indoor, found model schema with all components, roughly including motor、PCBA、shell、sense and detection system、gear-box、power supply etc, in order to achieve coordination running, complete intent function finally.Set up developing environment: we intend to load C/C++ development tool kit under eclipse development platform, at the same time, complete simulation and debug under AVR studio development circumstance. Thereby, we also make introductions about the circumstance set-up means and debug & simulation method under them development platform respectively, in order to provide more knowledge for an interested reader and/or a beginner when they intend to research and develop project under the same circumstance.Required analysis: in order to be close to actual use demand and achieve its preconceived function under various conditions and circumstance, we define detail requirement analysis. Such as, identify the day and night, detect darkness for different user and automatically switch on the light when circumstance brightness get dark and/or night falls, automatically switch off the light when user leave detection scope, low battery alarm, detection for poorly mechanical driven system (that is: gear-box running not smoothly),etc.Function mould analysis within AVR ATmega48 of sensor switch: analyze interior logic running program, set up corresponding function mould respectively. Such as port setup、MCU initialization、interior system analysis, timer analysis、main function analysis etc,then program corresponding codes according to function mould respectively, and compile, running, emulate and debug, download them into target PCBA. In this paper, I have just only analyzed key function mould and the detail program codes were attached in the appendix A. At the same time, in order to have a good integrality for the whole developing process, we have also introduced two methods of downloading, which are attached in appendix D under eclipse + CDT platform and AVR studio platform respectively for the beginners or/and the enthusiast’s reference.Peripheries circuit design for integrated circuit atmega48: according to actual function to design peripheries hardware circuit, and learn to use software PROTEL to draw all PCB schematic attached in the appendix C , at the same time, make performance analysis for special peripheries components to be sure of they match actual function requirement with interior function mould. Such as, using for PIR micro control unit, selecting CDS to use, and using CDS matched with resistance in order to achieve designated control scope for light sensitivity.In order to complete test and usage in place for finished-product, we leave the designing of the mechanical case to engineering team to study and also let its cabinet and white shape has been exhibited. Functional test and verification: according to actual design, specify corresponding verifying method, and test continually, issue actual testing report and testing data. Such as, use three AA alkaline batteries, intend into 20 times on/off every day, consequently not need remove batteries until three months; about reliability test: under continuous power supply, such as use DC power box, from our report’s display that it can be achieve 54750cycles or higher reliable test.In order to make readers and syndic to know the abbreviation in this paper rapidly, especially, we have composed the paraphrase for those English abbreviations, which are attached in the appendix B for reference.At the end of the paper, I make a summary to the merits and demerits in the whole paper and picture the following researching work. Finally, finish this dissertation successfully.

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