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The Research on Distributed Self-Organized Network Based Wide Area Backup Protection

Author FengCanCheng
Tutor ChenWei
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords wide area protection P2P network IEC61850 self-connected network fault device determination
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Electric power is the most important energy in modern society, so the safe and stable operation of power system has a great relationship with the development of the national economy. The relay protection is the first defending line of the power grid security and stability, which shoulders the responsibility of clearing faults rapidly and maintaining the power system stability. The development of the power system and the interconnection of the regional power grid make the topology of the power system more complex, and bring serious problem of power system stability; Also the new energy source and distributed generation will bring more flexible and multiplex operation mode, during the new period of building the unified and strong smart grid. And it will make new requirements on the power system relay protection; furthermore, it brings great challenge to the back-up relay protection. Traditional back-up relay protections ensure the selection through the cooperation of the action value and the action time, which is difficult to adapt to the complex system topology and flexible operation mode. Wide-Area protection, which is based on the information communication system, is a grand new research subject in these years, and it provides a new path to adapt the development of the modern power system and improve the protective properties.It analyzes the present situation of the wide area protection home and aboard first, then a self-organized network based wide protection method is proposed in this paper, which can found the protection area automatically, diagnoses and clears faults reliably and rapidly according to the fault location. This paper also defines and describes the functional blocks and the process of the method in detail.Compared to the traditional relay protection, it acquires more information and achieve the protection function reliably and rapidly, Through the communication system in wide area protection, and the communication network plays an important part in the wide area protection. According to the self-organization and system autonomy of the peer-to-peer network, a self-organized network based communication network in power system is presented and used in wide area protection, using the IEC61850 to implement data transmission function.Finally, the paper presents a phase comparison pilot algorithm based on phase current mutation to determine the fault device, analyzes the action in special work status, and verifies the algorithm though PSCAD/EMTDC.

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