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The Research and Application of Software Reliability Test for User Right Management System

Author ZhangWei
Tutor WuLiMing
School Guangdong University of Technology
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords Software test Reliability Reliability Model Auto Test Parameter estimation Matlab GUI
CLC TP311.53
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Software Reliability is usually defined as that software finishes the identified functions in the identified condition and time. As the full development of the information technology, computer software becomes more and more complex, with more complexity. Because of the speciality of software development, it’s too difficult to make sure the quality of software. Especially, some trade such as finance, telecommunication, electricity, traffic require more reliable for software, in case of encounting a software fault, it may bring the serious consequence. Though people put forward software engineering to attempt to overcome the complexity of software development, but the result is not very obvious. The quality assurance of the software is still a formidable problem until today. Under such a background, the research of software is paid more attention by people and the research about software reliability has been developing rapidly. Thus the study of software reliability becomes an important work in reliability research field. The purpose of software test is to improve the reliability of software and provides raw fault data for reliability research. At the same time, software reliability research also provides important decision whether the test has met the requirement and whether it can stop testing. So it is a very important and meaning research for software reliability research.Software reliability model is a very important method for software reliability research. Because of the speciality of software, so far there is no a reliability model fitting all the fault data. Under this background, it is necessary to carry on deep research to classical software reliability model, how to build a software reliability model and how to choose a software reliability model. Thus we can improve and develop current reliability model and choose a better software reliability model for forecasting the reliability of software.This thesis firstly introduces the theory of software reliability and the classical software reliability model. Then through a practical project, User Right Management System, it designs an auto test frame for User Right Management System, and carries on practical auto test and collects fault data by auto test of user right management system. On the foundation of the fault data of User Right Management System, it also carries out software reliability for User Right Management System by using the classical software reliability model, which introduces how to build model, how to estimate model parameters and how to evaluate a model. As to the insufficiency of the classical G-O software reliability model, it improves the G-O model, and verifies the result for improved G-O model through experiment. Finally, the analysis of software reliability is very complex and trivial, an efficient tool based on Matlab GUI programming technique for software reliability estimation has been designed and applied to User Right Management System, which indicates that this tool named RES has dramatically simplified the estimation of model parameter and evaluation of reliability model, also improves the efficiency and accuracy.

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