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The Comparative Analysis on Two Kinds of Business Model Effectiveness of Operation Agri-tourism and Famer-households Benefits in ChengDu

Author ChenZuoJun
Tutor DengYuLin
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Forest Management
Keywords City Outskirts Sightseeing agriculture Business model SWOT analysis Development Strategies
CLC F327
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Agritourism originated in Europe in the 1830s, dating back more than 160 years of history. China's domestic tourism agriculture in the early 1990s began to flourish. In highly developed urban life, urban tourism agriculture in terms of to meet the needs of the people nearby recreation, or in building a new socialist countryside, have important practical significance to speed up the process of urbanization. Chengdu, the development of urban suburban sightseeing agriculture tourism walking in the forefront of the country. Chengdu tourism agriculture in the 20 years of development, the formation of a variety of different types of business model. Pixian agricultural village, Longquanyi spring town Taoyuan Village is a typical representative of the government to guide farmers type of business model, Trinity Township, is a typical representative of businesses to invest in farmers to participate in the type of business model. Outskirts of Chengdu, two typical sightseeing agriculture mode, select three typical regional research, comparative analysis of two characteristics of the development of the business model and operational efficiency of farmers, summarizes proposed outskirts of Chengdu this three study areas sightseeing agriculture sustainable development countermeasures. In this study, the introduction of community to quickly evaluate key figure interviews, Dianmianjiehe, focused forms of survey research methods, 90 typical farmhouses in three research areas selected 600 tourists, using the forum, semi-structured interviews , questionnaire, literature inquiry operational efficiency of each study area farmers, conducted a comprehensive survey of visitor satisfaction. The results show that: the Government to guide the type of farm management in the operations on the main body of investment for farmers, but the principal investors in the latter part of infrastructure construction, overall planning publicity and scenic Government. Embodies the farmers initially operated scattered, late specification guide through the government, the business has expanded rapidly; overall publicity strategy; planning and solutions to problems; drive regional economic enhance the overall characteristics. Businesses to invest in farmers' participation in the operation type, planning and infrastructure in the pre-arranged, the principal investors in the scenic propaganda the government, business investment are the main enterprises and farmers. Reflects the advance of science is planning to consider the problems that may arise and to circumvent; leading role of corporate standardization and standardization; farmers relatively small investment, reduce farmers' burdens; government fiscal pressure in the early infrastructure investment characteristics . (2) the different roles played by the Government in two operating modes, be scenic infrastructure construction, the overall package publicity, the overall planning of the tourism development has a significant influence. Is an important factor in the future development towards the road of science, norms, standards. According to the survey, the number of peasant music Pixian agricultural village of 45, including 12 star farmhouse star farmhouse ratio 26.7%; the Longquanyi spring town of Taoyuan Village has Nongjiale number 240, which star farmhouse 56, Star level farmhouse proportion of 23.3%; Trinity Township has 302 peasant music star farmhouse 245, up to 81% the proportion of star farmhouse. The standardization level will be able to reflect both the business model from the star farmhouse proportion to businesses to invest in farmers' participation in the operation type is higher. (3) the existence of significant differences of the two operating modes of operation content, quality of service, the short season tourism, tourists travel structure, ways and migratory Views, farmers operating effects. According to the survey calculated: agricultural village medium-scale farmers annual income reached 827,000 yuan, Longquanyi to Taoyuan medium scale farmers annual income of 686,800 yuan, Trinity Township medium scale farmers annual income of between 180,000 to 260,000. (4) the advantages and disadvantages of the three business model has its own development, but also with the development opportunities and threats, only fully consider threat, and strive to play to our strengths, to seize the opportunity to realize the sustainable operation and development.

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