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Yunnan industrial structure evolution path dialysis

Author DouPeng
Tutor ZhuLi
School Yunnan University of Finance
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Yunnan Evolution path Sustainability Industrial structure
CLC F121.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This choice Yunnan Province as the research object, analyzes the changes in the industrial structure and evolution trajectory of the process of economic development in Yunnan explained the uniqueness. With the continuous economic development, industrial structure will continue to change, and changes in the industrial structure, can also cause the development of economy. Changes in industrial structure and economic development is unity. Yunnan Province from 1978 to 2008 in these 30 years, the national income has greatly improved from a traditional agriculture-based economy towards the industry as the core of the industrial era. The process of industrialization in Yunnan, Yunnan Industrial Structure Evolution study mode will make us understand Yunnan in the past 30 years, the path traversed, it developed through the course of the past are not the same, does not fully comply with the industrial structure changes in the general law, Yunnan slightly off this unique model of development factors behind what is? article attempts from developed summed up with the law and the general theory as an analytical framework for the past 30 years in Yunnan movements in industrial structure empirical analysis, respectively, the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry output value of the proportion of national income, and the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry employment as a proportion of the inspection object, study of these objects to be assessed trend analysis of Yunnan trends and changes in the industrial structure evolution of industrial structure differ from the general rules, why Yunnan employment structure evolution path has its uniqueness. For Yunnan industrial structure evolution path, this article attempts to analyze and interpret economic factors in Yunnan Industrial Structure Evolution model unique. First, an internal analysis of industrial structure, the internal structure of each industry within the various industry segments that state of development, the composition of each sub-industry and the development of coordination between them is whether the ongoing evolution to a higher level. Furthermore, the article also affect the industrial structure from macroeconomic factors to explain the evolution of industrial structure evolution path of Yunnan, for example, an increase in the total economy and structural changes in the relationship of Yunnan, demand and supply for three times the impact of the evolution of the industrial structure, as well as industrial policy impact of the industrial structure. This paper studies the evolution path as long as the Yunnan exist in the process of this kind of problems and their solutions countermeasures such difficulties or problems, analyzes the evolution of industrial structure in Yunnan pattern which may have persistent. This paper argues that the process of industrialization in Yunnan to go in a new road to industrialization, the most urgent problem to be solved is to transform its economic growth mode, that is, from extensive to intensive economic growth mode.

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