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Research of Multi-band and Low Profile LTCC Antenna for Mobile Handsets

Author QuJingRun
Tutor GongShuPing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
Keywords LTCC Antenna Tortuous linear Spiral type Tri-band
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Miniaturization tortuous linear LTCC antenna for multi - band , were designed to have a hole tortuous linear LTCC LTCC antenna tortuous linear and non- vias antenna . Hole tortuous linear LTCC antenna radiating element has two connection interlayer vias (via) . The resonance frequency of the the lower meander line (bottom meander) is designed to be 900 MHz, upper zigzag line the (top menader) resonant frequency is designed to 1800 MHz , by adjusting the distance between the upper and lower layers (i.e. , the height of the through-hole ) , the overlapping area to obtain a first three resonant band - DAB ( digital Audio broadcasting, digital Audio broadcasting) , HFSS software simulation , antenna , omni-directional obvious GSM / DAB / DCS band were 120,180,150 MHz bandwidth . No vias tortuous linear LTCC antenna has a total of two layers of radiation elements , the interlayer does not vias for interconnection , but the direct use of electromagnetic coupling method . The top - level radiation unit (top layer) is designed to be a quarter wavelength resonator and a half wavelength resonator , the work in the GSM and DCS bands , respectively , the radiating element of the lower layer (lower layer) is designed to a quarter wavelength resonator , working in the UMTS band . HFSS simulation , antenna , omni-directional bandwidth of GSM / DCS / UMTS three bands are 40,120,110 MHz; gains respectively of is -0.77,1.45,1.14 dB . Designed for broadband LTCC antenna the DCS band spiral LTCC antenna , simulation results show 10 dB return loss bandwidth of 240 MHz broadband antenna structure of the spiral and rectangular ring integrated into the design , simulation results show that the antenna 10 dB back wave loss bandwidth of 610 MHz (1.73 ~ 2.34 GHz), and a sufficiently wide bandwidth can covering DCS / PCS / UMTS / WiBro band proved spiral and rectangular ring combination can effectively enhance the LTCC antenna bandwidth . In order to verify that no hole tortuous linear the LTCC antenna design reasonable , article ε_r = 7.8 ± 0.2 relative permittivity , dielectric loss tanδ = 0.014 (Dupont 951C2) Health tiles , laminated laminated 21 which 9th layer on the silver electrode is operating in the UMTS band , the layer 21 is a silver electrode of the work in the GSM and DCS bands , in the the 850 ℃ cofired produce LTCC antenna . Using a relative permittivity of ε_r = 4.4, dielectric loss tanδ = 0.02 (FR4) of the test plate after network analyzer test results as follows: three resonator band center resonant frequency is 840 MHz , 1.49 GHz , 2.23 GHz , The reflection coefficient ( dB ( S11 )) were -11.5, -16.9, -10.6 dB.

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