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Study on Landscape Art of Public and Private Book Collection House of Ming and Qing Dynasties

Author YuJingSi
Tutor ZhangZong
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Urban Planning and Design
Keywords Ming and Qing Dynasties public and private book collection house in China landscape art
CLC G259.29
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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House of China collection has long history, it contribute lot for traditional Chinese culture, they not only spread luxuriant literature books but also spread Chinese culture. Ancient China, assume book collection and library management, it’s research subject is successive dynasties collection house. Change of collection centre, more and more collection contents, change of the master, can reflect the course of our nation fat、developing、prosperity and fading. It not has lot subsidiary of the landscape., until early Ming, with good financial and national gardening, the master begin to fireproof、security and pest control. So, research the gardening of Ming and Qing collection house, summary its experience and achievement, for we expand classical garden art features, direct modern landscape design library, has big significance.Chinese collection house origin in Shang and Zhou, forming in the Qing and Han, Developing in Sui and Tang, peak in Ming and Qing, divided into public collection house、private collection house、college collection house and temple collection house, and most important are public and private, in the long history river, the two complementary, reach the highest in Ming and Qing, contribute lot to collecting culture.The landscape of collection house is the master create a quiet environment which used to reading book、thinking and so on, it has special charm. The designer used stone、plant、water to create the space, luxuriant the landscape meaning, create a collection which both have functional and ornamental, and its also means the artistic conception, pursuit beauty of sounds、light and shadow.The article research Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion, Nanxun Ka Yip Tong and North and South Fourth Court as object to field survey. Different period and different place, public or private, there are different collection house landscape,we can contrast then to find out the common point about landscape design. To research the old is to building new, library of contemporary university can be seen as representative of modern library, in location、overall arrangement、building、landscape can study a lot from Ming and Qing collection house, even though it is excellent, its the result of feudal system, and perish as the dynasty destruction, so today we learn it with criticism and inheritance, keep its essence, abandon its dross.

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