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Zircon U-Pb Age and Tectonic Setting of Permian-Triassic Volcanic Rock in East Kunlun Orogenic Belt

Author NiJinYu
Tutor HuDaoGong
School Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Course Structural Geology
Keywords East Kunlun orogenic belt Volcanic Permian - Triassic Zircon U-Pb age Tectonic environment
CLC P597.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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East Kunlun orogenic belt in northern and southern two plates binding site , has experienced Caledonian and Indosinian orogeny several times , forming a typical composite orogenic tectonic complex geological information rich . Has always been the focus of research scholars at home and abroad and geological hotspot. This show ditch east Kunlun orogenic Permian Basin - Triassic volcanic rocks as the main research object, plate theory and the theory of collision orogeny based, zircon U-Pb dating and geochemical analysis of research tools , on the eastern Kunlun orogenic stratigraphic age and tectonic environments were studied and discussed. Through the above study and discussion , the paper obtained the following understanding: 1 ) Through the Permian - Triassic volcanic zircon U-Pb dating got a new batch of age, as part of the formation era determined to provide the U- Pb age constraints . The results showed that: East north of Hot Springs , south of the original Hongshishan in - Late Triassic strata in the Late Permian (252 ~ 261Ma); study area, the original downtown warehouse Kennedy Middle Triassic stratigraphic age group advance to ditch early - in Triassic (234-243Ma): 2) through the Permian - Triassic volcanic rock geochemical study reveals East Spa Permian - Triassic volcanic rocks formed in a typical island arc environment , combined with regional tectonic setting , that the Permian - Triassic volcanic rocks formed in active continental margin arc related to the environment ; 3 ) comprehensive study area forming age volcanic and tectonic environment , combined with previous studies , the reconstruction of the East Kunlun orogenic belt late Paleozoic - early Mesozoic tectonic evolution model in three stages : expansion and ocean ridge formation stage (C-P2 at the end ) , oceanic subduction stage (P3-T2) and terrestrial - continent collision orogenic stage (T2-J1).

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