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Research of the Synthesis and Pigmentation of Quinacridone and Its Derivative

Author LiuRenFei
Tutor JiYongXin
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Chemical processes
Keywords Quinacridone Quinacridone derivatives Synthesis Pigmentation
CLC TQ620.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This thesis is a detailed study of DMSS, quinacridone pigment and its derivatives and pigments gasification process. DMSS quinacridone pigment is an important intermediate for synthesis. In this thesis, dimethyl succinate and sodium methoxide as raw materials, high boiling point material is a solvent inert in the 100 ~ 110 ℃ Dieckmann reaction occurs, synthetic succinic acid dimethyl succinate. Ratio of the raw materials, the type of solvent, sodium alkoxide type, reaction temperature, reaction time on the yield of, optimal reaction conditions: Dimethyl succinate: sodium methoxide (mol / mol) = 1:1.55; with xylene-based solvent is dimethyl sulfoxide cosolvent, the reaction temperature was 110 ℃, reaction time 2 to 3 hours. Under these conditions, the yield of up to 65.25%. DMSS crude product as a pale gray powdery solid, after purification as pale yellow crystals, by IR spectroscopy, verify its structure, and use micro melting point apparatus measured obtaining the melting range of 154.3 ~ 157.6 ℃. This paper studies the kind of solvent, condensation loop time on the quinacridone pigment synthesis. Studied in detail Pigment Violet 19, Pigment Red 122, Pigment Red 202, synthesis conditions. Systematic study of the reaction solvent, time, temperature and other factors on the yield of product Pigments, hue, shade and other important properties. Synthetic high quinacridone optimum conditions: Aniline: DMSS (mol / mol) = 2.72, the condensation reaction solvent is methanol, the reaction 9h; oxidation reaction solvent is ethanol, the reaction 8h, the reaction temperatures are in the reaction solvent reflux temperature; cyclization reaction with the oxidation product of PPA feed ratio of 1:6 temperature T = 130 ℃, and the reaction time of 3h. Yield of 82.2%. Synthesis of high-quality 2,9 - dimethyl quinacridone optimum conditions: Toluidine: DMSS (mol / mol) = 2.75, the condensation reaction time 7h, the condensation reaction solvent is methanol, pressurized conditions than better reaction under atmospheric pressure, atmospheric reflux temperature of the reaction system temperature, reaction time of 7 hours; reaction routes to the first loop optimal oxidation, the oxidation reaction time of 7h, the oxidation reaction of ethanol as solvent, the reaction temperatures are in the reflux temperature of mixture system; cyclization reaction and oxidation products PPA feed ratio of 1:3, the temperature T = 110 ~ 120 ℃, and the reaction time of 4h. Yield of 81.4%. Synthesis of high-quality 2,9 - dichloro quinacridone optimum conditions: chloroaniline: DMSS (mol / mol) = 2.5, the condensation reaction time of 10h, the condensation reaction solvent is methanol; oxidation reaction 7h, the oxidation reaction solvent is ethanol mixture system temperature is the reflux temperature of the reaction loop and the oxidation products PPA feed ratio of 1:4, the temperature T = 110 ~ 120 ℃, and the reaction time of 5h. Yield of 81.5%. Using the solvent and adding the combination of the surface treatment agent, the pigment synthesis procedure (two-step pigmented) quinacridone pigments pigment processing, the system of the surface treatment agent, a solvent, a pigment of the time, temperature and other pigments factors on pigment hue shade and other important properties, to determine a more mature program pigmentation process conditions. Of the product obtained pigment shade hue, opacity, transparency, and other properties can be tested crystal. Tests showed that the product obtained pigment bright colors, pure shade, hiding power, excellent in all aspects of performance can be comparable with the standard sample.

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