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The Design and Implementation of C/S-Based Vehicle Remote Monitoring System

Author JieDan
Tutor GuiLiangQi
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords C/S GPRS GPS GIS Vehicle Monitoring Multithreading Electronic fence
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of China’s automobile market,the demand for vehicle navigation and positioning monitoring is increasing with each passing year. The research of vehicle remote monitoring system is based on the market trend and demand. The system integrates the GPRS,GPS and GIS technology, and executes vehicle remote monitoring by utilizing traits of GPRS’s highly efficient communication, GPS’s precise positioning and GIS’s detailed Geographical data.The whole system consists of vehicle terminals,communication links, monitoring centre. The vehicle terminal collects and sends information of vehicle positioning through GPS and GPRS modules. The communication link transfers the information which is sent to the monitoring centre by GPRS and SMS.The monitoring centre is composed of monitoring server and client based on C/S structure.The server exchanges information with terminal and monitoring client,and stores data by the operation of database.The client displays the vehicle monitoring information in the forms of electronic map,dialogue box etc.The technology of port, socket, multi-thread, database and spatial analysis method are used to design and implement the system. The server and client has unified port configuration,and realize network connections and communication through the socket.The server manipulates multi-event through multi-thread, thus realizing data analysis, database operation and logging.The database technology helps store and look up information on vehicle positioning and history track. What’s more, it analyses and designs the electronic fence judgement method through the buffer analysis.The design and implementation of the vehicle monitoring center is the major part of the research, the thesis expounds the server and client based on C/S structure respectively. The innovation in this thesis is the reseach into the design of electronic fence based on buffer analysis.Electronic fences can limit vehicles’driving region, driving route, setting vehicles’driving path in accordance with the administrative division, polygon area and planning routes.In this way, it monitors all the vehicles going out and into the electronic fences and sounds the alarm if necessary, with excellent jugement precision and alarm response speed.

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