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Study on the Technological Process and Performance of Poplar Inflammable Charcoal

Author DuanHongYan
Tutor ZhouJianBin
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Forest Chemical Process Engineering
Keywords Young Charcoal Corn starch Igniting agent Fast burning charcoal
CLC TQ127.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this thesis, the common agricultural and forestry wastes Jiangsu poplar sawdust as raw material, which carbonized charcoal obtained by Young , adding the right amount of adhesives and igniting agent prepared fast burning charcoal. Of the final carbonization temperature , holding time, the type of adhesive , Yang charcoal moisture content, particle size , igniting agent and its added amount , plastic carbon ratio, the molding pressure , forming time and the forming method and other factors added loess for fast burning charcoal performance. Forming flammable adhesive developed toner powder fuel can be used for other molding . Process for preparing fast burning charcoal as follows: the water content of about 15%, particle size lt; 0.250mm Yang charcoal and 5% of its ignition agent C were mixed and then with combustible corn starch adhesive prepared to 0.6:1 carbon ratio of the plastic uniformly mixed in a molding pressure of 25MPa under pressure for 2min, 5s can be obtained rapidly ignited , the combustion smoke , odorless, quick burning charcoal. The fast burning charcoal burning moderate speed , uniformity is better not touch , will not spread , combustion residue content of 11.96% , the burning time last 9.00min · g-1, compression factor of 6.29N · mm- 2. 30g charcoal burning speed of the heat released over longer periods of time so that the water temperature maintained at a certain temperature range. Combined TGA , elemental analysis and the actual combustion of charcoal burning speed the performance of system. Obtained using the differential method of fast burning charcoal fire point , and through data analysis of the TG curve fast burning charcoal burning process.

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