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Structural Strength Analysis and Optimum Design of Deep-sea Submersible

Author PanTao
Tutor RenHuiLong
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Design and manufacture of ships and marine structures
Keywords Bathyscaphs Cylindrical shell Structural strength Optimal Design
CLC U674.941
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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21st century is the era of deep-sea exploration and development . Deep-sea manned submersibles to reach a variety of deep-sea complex environment for efficient exploration of scientific investigation and development operations of the equipment is an important technical means for human development of deep-sea . The pressure hull structure to ensure the normal work of the submersible . In this paper , the calculation method of the pressure hull structural strength , mainly divided into the following aspects : 1) In order to ensure safe and reliable the bathyscaphs structural design , validation and testing of the model test is very necessary so designed submersible scale the applicability of the model pressure test , the reliability of the calculation method of testing theory and calculation rules . 2 ) diving underwater by the great deep-water pressure , the pressure hull structure must meet the strength requirements , the pressure hull shell plating and rib stress does not exceed the allowable stress on CCS , ABS , GL unspoken norms characterization housing The strength characteristic quantities are calculated and compared with the finite element method and experimental values ??. 3 ) With the pressure hull dive depth increased, increasing water pressure , pressure hull instability and loss of the ability to continue to carry , so the stability of bathyscaphs also very important . In this paper, ABAQUS submersible non-linear buckling analysis and specifications . 4 ) opening will cause stress concentration to weaken the strength of the structure . Partially perforated structural check , the site of insufficient strength to be strengthened in order to ensure the structural safety of the submersible . 5 ) submersible , pressure cylindrical shells under water pressure caused by the alternating load , may lead to fatigue failure . Especially in a large part of the tensile stress could easily cause a fatigue crack . In order to ensure the safe use of the submersible , submersible structure fatigue life analysis . In this paper, epsilon - N curves and linear fracture mechanics calculations Submersible Pressure Structure of the fatigue life , and by the calculation, and concluded . 6 ) typical ribbed cylindrical shell cabin structure as the research object , the weight of the casing as the objective function , using the analytical method and finite element analysis method , under the premise to ensure structural strength and stability of the latent bathyscaphs the weight of the structure optimization calculation .

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