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The convergence of mathematics teaching in primary and secondary schools under the new curriculum with the problem representation

Author TangHuiHong
Tutor ZhuHongLing
School Yunnan Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords new curriculum cohesion problem characterization
CLC G633.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Math and its development is closely related to the progress of the society. At the present age, the influence of math has spanned all different areas of human activities and has become an indispensable factor. Accordingly, it put forward a new claim about math qualities or traits and math teaching of the society. Math, as one of the basal subject in the compulsory education stage, plays an important role in the future studies and continuous and harmonious development. A new round of curriculum reform suggests that math course in the compulsory education stage should reflect its foundation, popularity and development and make math education face all the students. With the advance of the new curriculum reform and the use of the experimental teaching material, the cohesion of primary school and middle school has becomes a hot spot.Five-Four-Year academic structure has been adopted in the area where the author is teaching for many years. Moreover, the primary school and middle school both become the first batch of the trial places at the national level. In the autumn it accomplishes the real cohesion of the coordinated and complementary teaching materials. In this background, it puts forward this question for discussion: in the classroom teaching of Grade Six, through the medium of problem-solution, it helps the teachers who are at home in middle school math teaching and the students who are suited with the primary school teaching and studying seize thejunction------problem characterization. In the "free-of-obstacle" communication, tofinish the cohesion of primary school and middle school favorably and to establish a firm foundation for the future studies.It divides into two parts: In the first part, it does research on the present condition of the cohesion by many different ways, such as documentary analysis, surveys and questionnaires, including the content, problems, and conflict in the cohesion. The second part deals with the cohesion of primary school and middle school, as well as math characterization. To the main question in the first part, try to relate to the main and difficult points, and do the following teaching training in the experimental class: To analyze the thematic information by many ways of math characterization to bring the solution strategies into being. To use the previous experience dexterously, to get the maximum use out of mathematical problem characterization to get a better acquisition. Try to explore the relationship between the primary school and middle school, to correlate the previous principles with the new knowledge. To break the adverse influences which caused by directional thinking in mathematical problem characterization. Sample analogy of mathematical problems, helps students to explore the formation and use of knowledge. Infiltration of symbol token helps step into the first stage of beginners who study and use symbol language.

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