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The Study on Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation of Paddy Rice in the Phaeozem

Author ChenLin
Tutor LiFangHua
School Northeast Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
Keywords Water use efficiency Water production function Optimized Irrigation
CLC S511
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The Northeast region has a large number of black soil resources, is an important grain production bases. Rice is the main varieties of food crops, the province's paddy cultivation area was expanding trend. But insufficient water resources in the area of ??development of agricultural production major constraint factor. Therefore, the study of black water saving regulation mechanism has important implications on the rational use of limited water resources and to further increase food production. Qing'an County in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, test base tests carried out in 2008 and two years, the relationship between rice yield and water consumption in the black soil region of regulated deficit irrigation conditions. This test uses a combination of research methods of field trials and laboratory analysis, U6 (66) uniform design method to design different levels of irrigation treatments to control the amount of irrigation method. By soil samples laboratory experiments, pressure meter, determination of test soil moisture characteristic curve. Rice biological traits (plant height, leaf area index, root system, tillering rate), and the final yield of the study, the optimal minimum water of different water treatments on the impact of these factors and determine the different rice growth period. Application of different irrigation treatments of rice water consumption to yield results and the corresponding experimental data, Jensen model, Blank model, Singh model, Stewart model were carried out on the the Qing'an region of rice water production function fitting and results of model solution The results of a comparative analysis and inspection. The optimal allocation of the nonlinear programming mathematical model using the the LINGO calculation software a limited amount of water in the different stages of the crop throughout the growing period. The results showed that: soil moisture on rice growth has important implications. Under different soil water conditions, crop plant height, leaf area index trend is similar, but the high-water treatment crops biological traits (plant height, leaf area index, dry matter weight) than the low water treatments. Non-sufficient irrigation for 2, 3 the plant height, leaf area index superior to other irrigation treatments, a more reasonable plant groups; the tiller number will increase with increasing irrigation soil moisture, to handle up to , but effective tillering rate will be reduced; processing production than other treatments; better water use efficiency of processing 1. Visible, regulated deficit irrigation can improve crop yield and water use efficiency. In calculating the growth stages of the rice water sensitive index model by testing and analysis can be superior to the other sub-multiplicative model Jensen computing model. According to solve the moisture-sensitive index, the use of the LINGO non-linear programming model calculation software to calculate the different stages of division optimization of irrigation water, the same production, obtained by the model optimization of irrigation water use to less than the actual amount of irrigation, that is optimization model to smaller irrigation quota yield, to achieve water-saving high-yield results. The relative scarcity of water resources, agricultural irrigation water can not increase the food need to increase the background, in the northeast black soil area of ??crop water requirement and production relations of production, limited irrigation water in different crop growth period optimal allocation, as well as crop precision irrigation control is of great significance, can provide a powerful guarantee for Water Saving and High.

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