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Toxicities of Different Nematicides to Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus and Their Safety Evaluations

Author GongHaiXia
Tutor ZuoBaoZhong
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Forest Protection
Keywords Nematicides Trunk Injection Branches total volume model Application rate Safety Evaluation
CLC S763.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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From pine wilt disease prevention and treatment of pharmaceutical the indoor screening, trunk injection test and nematicides Dendrolimus safety evaluation study , the following conclusions : ( 1 ) 19 single dose of nematicidal activity significantly different , 17 Pharmacy virulence , No. 33 , No. 25 , followed by No. 1 and No. 12 . Mixtures showed significant synergistic effect , the most significant ( No. 37 , No. 25 ) and No. 1 ( No. 17, No. 25 ) combination . (2) the the masson pine standing tree limb Volume y its diameter at breast height D fitting quadratic polynomial estimation model works best , power function followed by a linear function of the worst . (3 ) to the pine branches optimal estimate of the total timber volume model for the calculation of the theoretical basis of the plant trunk injection application rate , combined with Lin actual operating conditions at home and abroad experience application rate , integrated forest actual application rate : When the diameter at breast height for lt ; 10cm 10 ~ 15cm 15 ~ 20cm 20 ~ 25cm 25 to 30cm 30 to 40cm when the injection volume was 10ml , 40ml , 70ml , 110ml , 190 ml and 310ml . ( 4 ) The tests showed that the forest , No. 17 , No. 25 ( No. 1, No. 17, No. 39 ) a combination of these three pharmaceutical faster absorption . After injection of water extract of masson pine sprig of pine wood nematode virulence to evaluate the test pharmaceutical trunk nematicidal activity after injection , the results showed that the tested pesticides kill line effect is remarkable . (5) 6 Test agents trunk after injection can cause physiological changes in needles , mainly inhibitory effect on soluble sugar content ; proline content in the short term after injection can cause a sharp increase, but with the treatment time , and gradually returned to control levels ; chlorophyll and malondialdehyde content Pharmacy varieties .

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