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Study on Road-oriented System Design of City at Night

Author XiangDongXia
Tutor WanRan
School Nanchang University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Urban-oriented system The night Road Human nature Visibility Spontaneous light Energy conservation
CLC U491.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the modernization of the national urban development, urban area expansion, the rapid increase in high-rise buildings resulting in increasingly complex urban road transport network, in order to meet the high-speed urban construction and development, to meet the convenience of daily travel, smooth, safe and efficient, strong visibility, recognition of high urban -oriented design system of urban modernization in the important and indispensable part. With the development of the economy growing pressure increased people nocturnal trend, the urban road guiding system as a city and the user information transmission link between the people of the night to guide the visibility and identification is put forward higher request, but real life night orientation system of visibility and identification of not the problem of low but can be seen everywhere.This article through to in the design of city night orientation system of the human nature design makes a detailed analysis of the problems that the road to guide the system design of the night at the beginning of the factors to consider not or lacking. And put forward the reasonable visibility of solution idea, one is by new, new energy and materials to the energy conservation use to solve the night shows, is mainly refers to through the electrical energy, solar, wind and solar energy, wind energy the complementary of the city at night apply make the road in the direction system guide illuminated signs or spontaneous light and achieve visual; Through the new type light-storing illuminated material apply make the city at night in the road orientation system guide sign independent shine and achieve visual; Through the reflective material apply make the city road at night in each direction guidance system with surrounding environment sign light reflecting shine and achieve visual; Another solution is to guide sign and outdoor lamps combined with the innovative design concept, and to and lawn lamp, landscape lamp combination design of examples of the innovative concept can be practical, and at the same time in the combination of light for landscape design clever use of solar power system for the night power supply, more energy conservation and environmental protection; and put forward that designer should from the human eye color brightness and feel characteristics is more reasonable using the light source for, avoid all sorts of light pollution of the existence of the problem, eventually provide people with a more human nature, function, energy conservation, more efficient comprehensive city road orientation system.

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