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Evaluation of Hepatic Fibrosis in Rabbit Model with Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Fmri: A Preliminary Experimental Study

Author YangChao
Tutor ZhaoJianNong
School Chongqing Medical University
Course Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Keywords hepatic fibrosis blood oxygen level dependent fMRI R2* oxygen content
CLC R575.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective:①To explore the feasibility of the establish of rabbit liver fibrosis model by pure CCl4 and ethanol,observe the pathological regression,to offer the experimental evidence for the application of the model;②To investigate the feasibility of blood oxygen level dependent fMRI (BOLD-fMRI)for evaluating hepatic fibrosis using an experimental rabbit hepatic fibrosis mode1.Materials and Methods:56 purebred New Zealand white rabbits,were all 2.1 to 2.8 kg by weight,6-month-old. They were randomly divided into experimental group(n=48),to establish rabbit liver fibrosis model by CCl4 and ethanol and the control group(n=8) normal fed.38 rabbits with hepatic fibrosis and 8 normal rabbits were performed conventional MR and BOLD-fMRI in the 6, 8, 10 and 12 weekend after modeling, And the use of image post-processing software generated R2* values .Then divided into 3 groups with the basis of pathological stage. Group A: no hepatic fibrosis group(S0); Group B: mild / moderate hepatic fibrosis group (S1S2); Group C: severe hepatic fibrosis / cirrhosis group (S3S4). Compared the R2* average value among groups.Results:The successful rate of rabbit liver fibrosis model was 75%.General concept,the experimental group of rabbit liver tissue darkening,surface roughness,capsule swelling to rugged. Endoscopic view of rabbit cell swelling ,degeneration,necrosis,fibrosis around the portal area,and the degree of increase over time.The R2* value increased following the progress of hepatic fibrosis.Compared the group of no fibrosis , the group of mild/moderate fibrosis with the group of severe fibrosis/cirrhosis group has statistically significant( p <0.05) , compared the group of no fibrosis with the group of mild/moderate fibrosis has no statistically significant ( p >0.05).Conclusion:The establish of rabbit liver fibrosis model by CCl4 and ethanol was feasibility ,in pathological morphology,vesting and staging are similar to clinical human hepatic fibrosis,and modeling success high rate ,forming short time,is an ideal animal model of hepatic fibrosis.The R2* increased following the progress of hepatic fibrosis, which reflected the change of oxygen content and the fibrosis severity. BOLD-fMRI may provide a new thinking or new way to clinical treatment for live fibrosis .

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