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Study on "Surgical Authentic" Use of Oral Law of Prescriptions

Author JingJing
Tutor ZhouMingXin
School Xinjiang Medical University
Course Traditional Medical Formulae
Keywords "surgical authentic" Chen Shigong prescription use Prescription Metrology
CLC R2-52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: To analyze the Prescription Metrology index with the"surgical authentic" oral use of prescription. Discuss the characteristics of "surgical authentic" prescription drug law of oral surgery. Methods: "surgical authentic" contained in the oral Prescriptions for the study, selected representative of various dynasties oral surgery physicians prescription works as a control sample, quantitative study of the use of prescription methods were compared. Results: 1. "Surgical authentic" use the most is owned by spleen (5.66 times / anagraph) and the lung by (5.28 times / anagraph) of the drugs. Followed by the return of heart, liver, stomach, kidney drug. 2.Of the "surgical authentic" and the comparison sample prescription meridian frequency correlation analysis, "Surgery authentic" and "final form Surgical living," the correlation coefficient (r = 0.997); and modern minimal correlation coefficient (r = 0.953). 3."Surgical authentic" spleen index was 0.68, stomach index 0.37; stomach partition index is 0.85; stomach full and index 0.383, the highest in the comparison sample. 4."Surgical authentic" top five frequently used drug followed by Gancao (0.71 times / anagraph), Danggui(0.51 times / anagraph), Chuanxiong (0.36 times / anagraph), Rensheng (0.32 times / anagraph), Fuling (0.32 times / anagraph). 5."Surgical authentic" high frequency of drug use within the trust law were Danggui, Hangqi, Gancao, Baizhus, Chuanxiong, Chenpi, Fuling, Baishao, Rensheng, Shengjiang and other. Protect its stomach drug use frequency (2.52 times / anagraph) than the comparison sample in the first place, while the cold and cool purgative drug use frequency (1.16 times / anagraph) was slightly lower than the modern, living in the second. 6 "Surgical authentic" drug use temperature up to (4.42 times / anagraph), followed by followed by the even, the cold, slightly cold, cold, hot, big chill, heat. 7. "Surgical authentic" sweet drug use most (5.20 times / anagraph), followed by bitter substances (4.82 times / anagraph) using high frequency. The acrid, acid, lights, frequency of use of drugs came in third, fourth, 5th. The majority of modern drug is bitter medicine. 8."Surgical authentic," clean heat of drug use (1.88 times / anagraph) up, then followed qi tonic, relieving drugs, blood tonic, medicine dampness. Modern dampness activating drugs used more frequently much higher than other periods, while qi tonic drug use has decreased. Conclusions: 1. "Surgical authentic" treatment sores oral prescription obvious characteristics, especially pay attention to invigorate the blood and stomach drug use nursing care. 2. "Surgical authentic" within the law governing the trust of three methods in particular. 3. "Surgical authentic" taking care of protecting the spleen and stomach and fill method of drug use much more clearly before the increase, cold and cool purgative drug use has also been increased substantially. Chen Shigong not only reflects the real heavy cold and cool heat, heavy stomach care nursing academic thought. 4. "Surgical authentic" oral prescription use neither too, nor less, guarding the golden mean, the book shows the Ming synthesizer before surgery, representing the average level of the Ming dynasty, Chen Shigong real power as the Traditional Surgery Members well-deserved. 5. Modern medicine oral surgery, "surgery authentic," the differences mainly in the heat antidotes, drugs and blood circulation increase in the liver by the drugs, the reason can not rule out natural changes of disease spectrum. But in recent years, Integrative Medicine, Traditional studies of widely carried out, in order to control anti-inflammatory antimicrobial Qingrejiedu drug habit, is to some extent misled by the use of Traditional Chinese Surgery oral administration of drugs, and further research and reflection.

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