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Modern Graphic Design Emphasis on Traditional Cultural Symbols of Interpretation and Deconstruction

Author BiJingHu
Tutor LiHuiZuo
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Industry Technology and Engineering
Keywords Graphics cultural sign cultural re-interpretation of to finger referred cultural colonization
CLC J522
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As human society entered a new era of globalization, on the one hand are the exchanges between different cultures has become increasingly frequent and in-depth, on the other hand, intercultural conflict and competition is gradually increasing. How in the context of globalization, the cultural discourse on how the right to seek more and more become the concern of countries in the world. Humanities have a brilliant and unique as the traditional Chinese, also need to face this problem. Therefore, China’s contemporary graphic designer, how to treat our traditional culture, how to handle modern graphic design and traditional cultural symbols of the relationship is also an urgent need to face to resolve the issue.The main contents are: the first part, through the development of modern Chinese graphic design on the analysis, which leads to how to make Chinese graphic design and the relationship between traditional cultural symbols of this central theme, and has summarized the current research results and News, described the significance of this research project and methods. The second part, on the origin of modern graphics as well as features and advantages of the analysis show that graphic language in the era of globalization has gained strong position beyond the written language, so need to re-examine the traditional cultural symbols in the context of the new era value. The third part, from the Chinese traditional cultural symbols of humanism and the internal consistency of the analysis and the use of semiotic theory of the moiréin different historical periods of China’s evolution brief sort, draw symbols of traditional Chinese culture is a deep cultural meaning The overall and systematic symbol system that argument. The fourth part, respectively, from the modern graphic design of the traditional cultural symbols of the re-interpretation and deconstruction of these two aspects, elaborated on China’s development not only by modern graphics copied and copy the traditional cultural symbols, but must be truly innovative. The fifth part, from the macro point of cultural globalization, China’s modern graphic design for the root causes of problems facing the interpretation, trying to take an objective and comprehensive look upon the current development situation, and thus on the future of Modern Graphic Design in China the development of valuable reference.The subject of the following ways: First, the concept of vertical time, from the graphic generation and the development of Chinese ancient history and modern graphic design for the corresponding comparative analysis, in order to clear during the segmentation and differences. Second, the concept of horizontal space on the foreign (mainly Europe and the United States and Japan) Development of the modern graphics and cultural values and China’s development in the state of modern graphic design mutatis mutandis, to analyze the similarities and differences in development among and between . Third, a comprehensive cross interdisciplinary research methods, will the concept of modern graphic design and form of value analysis, placed in sociology, semiotics, linguistics, and many other fields under contemplation, with a view to multiple perspectives and diverse value of the structure-assess the development of modern Chinese graphic design trends.This goal is to modern graphic design and traditional cultural symbols of the relationship between analysis, China’s modern graphic design can not simply rely on the traditional cultural symbols to use, but should be based on the core of traditional culture, to establish their own design methodology, was able to Cultural patterns in the new master voice

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