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Teaching research and practice of high school function

Author ChangZuo
Tutor HuangYongMing
School Yunnan Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Thinking of function Teaching of Function Mode APOS theory
CLC G633.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Teaching on function, which is the nucleus of mathematics teaching in senior high school. Is the foundation of studing higher mathematics.However, the concepts of function are very abstract and function teaching contains plentiful thinking methods of mathematics, such as discussion of classification, combination of number and shapes, elementary conversion,the functional equation and so on,these thinking methods are the soul for the teaching of function. According to ((Standard)) request,it will run through the whole teaching process during senior school. But how to grasp the function thinking method and utilizes it to analyze solves the problem is the function teaching one big key and the difficulty.Because the high school function teaching has the great significance to student’s mathematics thought establishment, the high school mathematics classroom instruction request must in as far as possible the short time, with the most effective method and the method, high grade completes the teaching task; Therefore discusses the appropriate high school function teaching method is the topic which the educator needs to solve.The study dissertation is based on large amount of related materials published and carrying a lot of investigation in the teaching of function. Study not only probed into the teaching value according to the author’s teaching experience, But also analyze the materials obtained through survey and investigation. Based on the several practical teaching cases, questionnaire surveys performed among student in the senior school and a large plenty of published papers, the author summarized the transition of the methods in teaching of function and in learning function. This study dissertation obtained the updating results that the methods of teaching of function are different remarkably between the "eastern area" and "western area". Background knowledge and concepts of function are emphasized in teaching of function with distributed teaching methods and strategies in "western area", while the reversed results are found "eastern area". Wiping out teaching theories is very widespread in our country, that is, teaching actions are not performed under the guidance of related theories, but are primarily based on the pattern which is guided by individual experiences. Regarding content of courses, changes have taken place in teaching style in the past few years, in China, e.g. students’ thinking model is paid more attention to in teaching actions while the content of teaching is decreased step by step.The conclusions of this paper include:①combining the concepts of function and how to apply to these concepts in study function should be primarily taught in courses, but appropriate amount or degree should be thought over, in teaching actions, when apply to these methods, and gradual penetrating teaching method in early stage of study function should be emphasized at the same time.②The key point of teaching of function is to improve understand of function concepts instead of emphasizing skills for solving problems, extremely.③The teacher should pay more attention in building function pattern an how to apply to it in teaching actions.④With the high-speed developing of electronic information technology, teaching of function must be combined tightly with information technology, especial in thinking of university entrance examination, which more and more contain related content that can be obtained easily and quickly through electronic information technology.⑤APOS theory(action, process, object, schema; APOS) should be paid more attention in teaching actions by teachers, in high senior school, because the abilities of students to solve problems both in or out class can be improved when teaching practice is guided by APOS theory.

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