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The Expression of Ecological Building Materials in the Epidermis Design

Author ZhangJianChao
Tutor FengXinQun
School Donghua University
Course Art of Design
Keywords ecological building materials building skin the world expo
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, as the building of aesthetic requirements of the change, building skin is given more and more attention, and the material of the carrier material surface design expression will play a huge role. The second half of the 20 th century; the living environment and sustainable development has become the focus of attention of the world. Environmental protection concept more and more thorough popular feeling, beginning to realize that the ecological building materials to the environmental protection, resources of energy saving and even the human body the importance of health, all kinds of ecological new material also more by all countries’ architect’s favor. The world expo held for the same period is the countries of the new materials, new technology provides a great display platform. This study is based on this, the selection of the world expo buildings skin as the breakthrough point, trying to the building materials in the practical application of the epidermis as an example, explore the ecological building materials and building skin, environmental resources, the inner relationship between the whole and get the principle and method of design. Therefore this paper writing in theory is based on the study of the spread of the specific application of the method of research.The paper starts part to the introduction of the article put forward stage, this paper introduces the background and current situation of the subject, the research significance, content, research methods and subject the innovation points, the construction of the basic framework of the paper, establish the premise of the paper. Drawn out "ecological building materials" the research subject and "building skin" the research object. Chapter 2 and 3 is to the study of the cognitive and discusses the process, belong to the analysis of the problems stage:which is the second chapter of ecological building materials and building epidermis of related properties and the analysis of the theory, including the concept of both the interpretation, technical support of ecological construction material classification, the core value of the study of ecological materials and related discipline theory research; In chapter 3 of the content summary the ecological construction materials in the skin in the design of the application of four strategies, namely the unity of technology and art, material and environmental sustainable development and the use of the localization, optimum design materials, as well as from the visual aesthetics, function demand, ecological safety, three aspects of the ecological building materials in the design of one skin performance analysis, and finally into the overall design method, and sums up the three application principles that information coordination principle, dynamic development ring principle, the humanities symbiosis principle. The fourth chapter basically to ecological building materials applied and practical research primarily, belong to the solution of the problem stage:combined with the recent architecture examples of the expo (in 2010 Shanghai world expo primarily), sorting out the ecological new materials in the epidermis of design innovative application and expression, summarized the technology based on ecological skin material four development tendency, i.e., promote the sustainable development of ecology, reflect the characteristics of the information, and to increase the media-oriented experience emotional clarity and adapt to the changing of the climate can be adjusted, and choose Shanghai world expo is the typical case of ecological problems in using materials empathy, and analysis. Chapter 5 for the main content discusses and practice of the ecological building materials in the epidermis of artistic performance design raises the reflection and draw inspiration:first, building materials, the art and ecological skin can have it all, Second, put an end to effect performance and pure technical phenomenon produce; Third, pay attention to the emotional experience building skin materials; Fourth, prevent blind seeking new, and lead to high and new materials to stack and waste; Fifth, mining ecological building materials of the deep connotation, make the best use of it. The last part of the paper is conclusive reviewed, stress again that study of ecological construction materials in the skin, the realistic meaning of design expression, summarized the ecological construction materials in the practical application of the difficult points and misunderstanding in, the reason is introduced and the overall design thinking, the grasp of the whole people, construction, the relationship between the environment, and the article summarized.

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