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On Bai Xianyong’s Homosexual Writing

Author YuYaPeng
Tutor QiaoShiHua
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Modern and Contemporary Literature
Keywords Bai Xian-yong Gay Writing Crystal Boys Father and Son Sexual Morality
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Bai xianyong’s books of homosexual love focus on exploring the mysteries of human nature. From the Great King Grandma to Trees Like This,these books which compose the dynamic writing system including the birth、developing into depth、perfect of gay writing ,have a unique value .The homosexual description shown in Great King Grandma and Yu-qing Sister-in-law is not the sedulously pursuit of Bai Xian-yong but the express of his own peculiar character- orientation , which makes this writing show a unique writing style during that period.The writing of Dream of Moon, Solitary Long for Flower and other works as the begining, Bai Xian-yong’s gay writing has stepped into the stage of self-conscious pursuit. In this period, his writing not only rises from recessive angle to dominant angle, but also changes the subsidiary status of homosexual description in the book and becomes the main body of works. Bai Xian-yong goes deep into the inner world of the gays through his works and exploring the causes of the homosexuality from the sociological point for the first time. He starts the self-conscious thinking of homosexual phenomenon in the critique of the family society. Hand Hidden in the Pockets opens up particular field (the‘middle ground’) of a gay wrtting.In the Crystal Boys, Bai xianyong cleverly set up symbolic conflicts framework between father and son, discussing the Crystal Boys’tragic fate and special psychological structure between the exile and return. His writing shows the extreme despair and pain of father and son, reveals the truth of the Confrontation between the main-stream social group of Confucian culture and homosexual group. It expresses the understanding of homosexual issues, raising questions about the traditional sexual morality, and tries to correct their name with“humane”sexual morality.In Tea for two, Danny boy, Bai xianyong introduces the AIDS into his writing and expands the homosexual themes, thinking about the homosexuality’s plight in the new circumstance. Trees like This sets an example for the gays with their practical action through the disclosure of deep friendship with Wang Guo-xiang. A Letter to Li Qing points out a road for the gay groups who lost themselves with his personal and valuable experience. Bai Xian-yong’s efforts continue to center on " rectification of the name" for the gays, but unfortunately, Bai Xian-yong’s books have the problems of repeating in story line,story structure and scene description ,affecting the quality of his work during this period.

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