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New Theory of Jiang Shiquan’s Poetry

Author PengJuan
Tutor LiuYongGang
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Jiang Shiquan Poem And the Road New Changes One Day
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Jiang Shiquan is the \Republic of China has been the world per capita concerned about his opera is worth paying attention to his poetry , his poems titled song title of the cover . Jiang Shiquan survive in the world 4900 I first theory of poetry and his poetry is relatively weak . The thesis on the poetry of Jiang Shiquan as the research object , on the basis of a synthesis of existing research , the use of the method of the Reflection of Life Jiang Shiquan be placed in the the Qianjia poetry background , life experiences of its Poetics concept and through its interpretation of the poetic text , delve into the relationship between the transformation of of Jiang Shiquan emotional mentality of its poetry , trying to level , objective assessment of Jiang Shiquan poetry , JIANG Shi value to re-examine its impact in the history of poetry . Introduction of the thesis part of the history of of Jiang Shiquan poetry studies were reviewed. The main part is constituted by the four chapters . The first chapter , a brief overview of the life of Jiang Shiquan . The second chapter , compare different schools of of Jiang Shiquan Poetics view Qianjia poetry Qianjia Parnassus background . Explore of Jiang Shiquan money contained Yuan Mei Shen Deqian Weng Fanggang al Intercourse , mainly grasp of various schools of poetics advocate Jiang Shiquan poetry creation , and in the comparison highlights Jiang Shiquan absorbing , dreams of poetry learning concept . The focus in this chapter to solve two problems: First, whether Jiang Shiquan vested the Qianlong poetry which genre . Are and Jiang Shiquan held in Tang or Song Idea of ??Poetry cases . The third chapter is the focus of this paper is to explore , through the outline of Jiang Shiquan life experiences , and their poetry text parsing , Textual different creative periods of mentality and poetry art style changes . Chapter preach \Jiang Shiquan Qing Dynasty, Qianlong poetry achievement higher one of his poems have a negligible role in the history of the Qing poetry .

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