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Escape and Regression--Towards the Research of Lu Yao’s Psychology

Author SunRong
Tutor MaZe
School Yan'an University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Lu Yao Creative consciousness Psychological mechanisms Spiritual Tendencies
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Luyao left us nearly 20 years, but Lu Yao and his work is still really loved by the majority of ordinary readers, experts and scholars always Luyao research with great enthusiasm, the research is quite rich, so to some extent the Road away from research toward systematic. But Luyao personality psychology is not enough, this is a weak link in the study of Lu Yao, also a the Luyao research further expand deepen a new basis points. Begin from the starting point of the journey of life Luyao to comb his life, we can see that childhood misery, family environment, and social history, cultural background and other factors potentially pregnant Luyao character, so he later the selection and development of life on the road have played a key role. One hand, the hardship that makes the Luyao psychological Sorrow sense, affect Luyao personality growth, the formation of his creative thinking and literary creation has played a decisive role: it encourages the the Luyao go to find the true meaning of life - - \Lu Yao's growth history is accompanied by suffering, thus creating a Luyao in constant pursuit of \to the elevation of the spirit and beyond. On the other hand, in the upbringing of Luyao also get a lot of people care and love, this unique life experiences, laid the foundation for the spirit of redemption in the Luyao late works, has a revelation and thinking of contemporary philosophy of life role. This paper attempts to grasp the context of the dynamic development of the Luyao the journey of life, to explore the creation of psychological motivation and spirit toward. The first part of the emotional psychology and child psychology to analyze the Luyao childhood experience, that childhood suffering caused by the sense of psychological Sorrow, prompting Lu Yao embarked on a path of escape from suffering, resistance to change their destiny. The same time, China's traditional culture and northern Shaanxi specific social history, local culture and unique way of emotional expression, the formation of cultural psychology, Lu Yao laid the foundation, influence and restrict future development of thinking and creative concept. Second part of psychoanalysis to explain Lu Yao's life experience and their performance in the creation, which show the balance between Lu Yao and his characters, character features and character psychology also repair the contusion of his childhood sense of deepening the implication of his life philosophy. The third part of the show: he is not back to the starting point from the starting point, but over the starting point, rose to a new level, it is a pursuit beyond Luyao ultimate spiritual regression. Through in-depth research the Luyao psychology toward - From fled to return, to reveal the occurrence of personality psychology and creative development until the success of the internal trajectory to explore Lu Yao Lu Yao's becoming the underlying causes.

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