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The Middle and Lower Female Characters in Zhang Henshui’s Romantic Novels Early

Author ZengJinHua
Tutor ZhuZuoZhi
School Chongqing Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Zhang Henshui Novel in the lower image of women Ideological significance Artistic techniques
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In the history of modern Chinese literature, popular literature and serious literature is the parallel development of the two peak by the widespread concern with the upsurge of academic freedom atmosphere, popular fiction, and as a popular literary master Zhang Henshui Chinese literary history can not be bypassed. figure increasing attention, his depth gradually. Zhang Henshui female characters in his works occupy an important position, especially early social romantic novels, the female image is unique and reflects the rich connotation of the times. In this one, Zhang Henshui preference portray young women in the marriage, especially in this group of middle and lower classes of society. Zhang Henshui dedication this group portrait and describe the women of the middle and lower classes in the marriage, there are a number of factors: The first is the \beating, concerned about the disadvantaged groups, and to show the status of their survival, and values, in order to attract attention, to contribute to the women's liberation movement. Secondly, with the capitalist mode of production in the Chinese city settled, money consciousness embedded in the concept of the social masses, which have a profound impact on the life and values ??of women. Zhang Henshui keenly felt the impact of the concept of money on women, and more women to describe the secular aspects. Furthermore the impact of his image of women in shaping the, Zhang Henshui grow with marriage road. Zhang Henshui experienced a fall in hardship and misfortune of the family by the well-off and suffered marital misfortune, resonance and women like him in the lower classes, he for the status quo of life, marriage, and their ideology are very familiar with, so as to benefit the people concern Women in Love and Marriage. In addition, the image of women in traditional literature deep into their subconscious, a profound impact on the shaping of the image of women, he created the image of women's draw; while its life in journalism, on the one hand to his writing more women material other terms of sales, the image of her female More cater to the body ordinary people enjoy the extensive reading habits, aesthetic taste, write the daily life of ordinary citizens, female citizens reflect on the literary image of women essence of real life. Zhang Henshui shaped sculptures of young women in all kinds of marriage, this article is divided into three types according to their thinking and behavior in the marriage: the more independent, vanity, forced. In either type, Zhang Henshui to the vision of the head, starting from their own experience feelings and describe these women's social consciousness, values, love and marriage fate. They describe is also the era describe young women from these lower body according met with the figure of the times: free marriage, trite chastity rid recognition of the education and employment of women, the prevalence of money conscious, modern the emergence of new things, and social suffering of the nation changes. Embodies the distinctive image of women in his works of modern thought; shaping the image of women's artistic technique innovation: a lot of detailed psychological description in order to portray the characters; increase landscape description and the social customs of the show heighten people activities expand ; there are a lot of detailed descriptions, such as the characterization of some little tricks, made an effort to demonstrate the characters' psychology; successful use of documentary practices, plays a great role to increase the credibility of the characters, to life for Portrayal of Women in beneficial to understand the thoughts of the characters; break a happy ending mode, shows a group of female public real life and fate, to meet the aesthetic requirements of modern literature. Zhang Henshui shaping the image of women, especially in the writing of the image of women in urban middle and lower classes, rich gallery of characters in the history of modern Chinese literature, showing the flavor of the times, to bring aesthetic enjoyment of the arts to the people; deepen the understanding of Zhang Henshui can enhance the popular literary status.

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