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Postmodernist Approach to the Da Vinci Code

Author ZhaoZuoZuo
Tutor DuanXiaoYing
School Hebei Normal
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code Uncertainty Intertextuality Fragmentation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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\\As of May 2006, \Tens of millions of readers for the stories in the book and crazy to trace the footsteps of Robert Langdon, Harvard University professor of cryptography into the fantasy world: in the process of investigating the the curator murder of the Louvre Museum in Paris, Robert Langdon The unexpected discovery Huan Shan repair hidden will hide years of shocking ancient truth - Jesus Christ is not a God, he is married to Mary Magdalene and leave heirs mortals. The hugely successful around the world, \. Speculated that more of the book about the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene role in the history of Christianity was a severe condemnation of the Roman Catholic Church and Christians, is malicious false attack on the Vatican. Anyway, the huge success of the novel \But the West most of the reviews have focused on religious issues in the novel, the contrast domestic reviews and more focus on the part of the language and novel techniques, there are still many aspects not covered, such as: the genre of the novel material selection and arrangement, description of the spatial and temporal structure and angle, and so on. Therefore, this paper is from after the modernist point of view, after the three characteristics of modernism - not sure, intertextuality and debris into feet, superb narrative art of Dan Brown considerations. The entire thesis consists of five parts, including introduction, three main chapters and the conclusion of. Introductory section first introduces some of Dan Brown's personal background as well as the novel \doctrine of the course of development and trends, as well as the papers applied to the basic concepts of the three characteristics of postmodernism. Chapter uncertainty characteristics of \fiction and openness of the end. Despite the large number of controversial views or information encountered in the analysis process, but the focus of the article is not to judge them right or wrong, rightly or wrongly, but feel for these elements to bring readers a strong sense of uncertainty. The Chapter II focus on the \Consist primarily of the similarity of \trademark Advertising, New York magazine, invitations, alphabet, mirroring the text, the mysterious organization website and Web search results in the the text unreal world of creative use. Fragmentation characteristics of the third chapter of \arrangements. The use of these techniques to give readers the real feel of the occurrence and development of events in different spatial and temporal scales, and a better understanding of this illusory world of fiction, in order to truly experience the excitement and thrill of treasure hunt. The concluding section summarizes the point of view of the full text: \Shaking secrets mentioned in the novel is true or false, the search for the \

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