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Interpretation of Womanism in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun

Author ChenYuXia
Tutor SongHuiLing
School Hebei Normal
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Womanism Anti - sexism Negritude Male Awakening
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Loren Hansibeili (1930-1965) was an active in the late fifties, early sixties the famous American black female playwright. Her masterpiece \to inherit nigritude and achieve the survival and integrity of all mankind, including men and women, including black men grow together to achieve, which is fit the later famous black American woman writer Alice Walker \. \/ like a raisin in the sun? \history of the theater. \Broadway play in 530 games, also adapted for film and theater, and had a greater impact in the United States operatic style. Hansibeili With The play won the New York Drama Critics Association Award, becoming only an honor black women. The 1961 raisin in the sun \The drama movement against racial discrimination in the 1940s as the background, and tells the story of a black family in Chicago. Ten thousand dollars from his father's life insurance, a Yang Gore mother hopes to use the money to move out of the slums, buy a place to live in the white man brought the garden of the house, which also is the daughter-in-law Ruth hope; daughter Bei Nisha wanted to use the money to go to medical school in order to achieve the dream of saving lives; the son Yang Gore wanted to use the money to friends and to start his own business, which ranks among the high society. Young Gore finally got the money, but Levanted his partner, the family this shattered longing for a better life. However, after the long-suffering, but everyone to support each other and encourage each other to confront reality, to regain faith in life. Produced involve many important social issues in the United States, such as the black American dream, black culture, racial discrimination and apartheid, black women equal rights and African independence movement, which embodies the distinctive womanist perspective. This paper attempts to analyze the play from the point of view of women 'on women's ideas it contains. Introduction Part Hansibeili its masterpiece raisin in the sun \and used in the literature study the feasibility of a raisin in the sun. The body is divided into three parts: the first chapter on anti-sexism to the importance of the fight for equal rights for black women; Chapter II inherited the traditional emphasis on black culture; Chapter of black women and black men grow together, in order to establish equality The harmony of the theme of the black community. The concluding section concludes the paper, and pointed out that the Women ideology Hansibeili far-reaching significance and their descendants revelation.

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