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The Narrative Art of Presentation of the Inward Life in the Rainbow

Author KangJunLi
Tutor JiShengLei
School Hebei Normal
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Perspective Internal monolog Free Indirect Discourse Free association Symbol and imagery
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Lawrence is a twentieth century history of English literature's most original, one of the most controversial and most forward-thinking writers. Despite his literary works boldly explore sex was talked about the importance of life, even a few Ministry was closed down or prohibits the publication. However, he made great contribution to world literature eventually won the recognition and admiration of the world. In his short life, he has been practicing his own creative style, trying to better capture the spark of the human mind instantly burst out. Depiction of the famous for his innovative psychological awareness, and the formation of a unique narrative art, especially good to portray the inner world of the characters. \And more representative than the other works in the narrative style. This will be of narrative and the Rhetoric of Fiction theory is based on analysis Lawrence narrative to reveal the inner world of characters in \. The paper is divided into three chapters, the first chapter analyzes the Lawrence how to use the the two narrative point of view of the omniscient perspective and character perspective transform to show the characters' inner Rainbow Art. Omniscient narrative point of view is the narrator to exercise their full rights in the narrative, comprehensive, multi-angle, internal and external integration to narrate the story and its characters behavior and mental activity; character perspective narrative is fiction narrative fiction the point of view of one of the characters start to expand the story and narrative talk through the emotional experience of the characters and the degree of perception. On the one hand, Lawrence omniscient point of view the use of a large number of analysis and explanation of the story and the characters 'inner so works more breadth and depth; On the other hand, Lawrence through the characters' perspective appearance of the hero and heroine and mental activity description and comments making the characters more lifelike, more spiritual. This flexible narrative point of view, not only in close connection with the people and events and characters more vivid and profound, but the formation of a multi-view, multi-dimensional narrative style, to allow readers to get rich aesthetic experience. The second chapter discusses how Lawrence to reveal the characters' inner art interior monologue and free indirect discourse both narrative techniques intertwined. Inner monologue is a skill to depict the characters' inner awareness activities; free indirect discourse is a partial figures pass through the author's voice sound practices, the narrator commitments or in part, bear the words of the characters, the characters through the narrator's voice speak, perspective and character of the narrator's perspective mixed in one. Lawrence skillful use that both techniques describe the inner world of the Marsh Farm three generations, so that readers can either observe the character's inner, but also to ensure the narrator's words to be expressed, the novel's narrative is even more refined, more wealth dramatic, giving a deep micro-delicate, subtle and timeless aesthetic character. Chapter III focuses on Lawrence how the use of free association, symbolism and imagery to a variety of narrative technique the staggered to portray and contrast the characters' inner art. Free association is a sudden, without processing the writer, and therefore does not have time on the causal connection between the events, reflects the reality of the natural and authenticity. With this narrative, the character's inner world truly present in front of readers; symbol and imagery techniques use not only to achieve the purpose of digging the characters deep psychological and novel philosophical connotations, but also reflects the poetic quality of the aesthetic, the readers Utah into deep The situation Pushuo thin realized its deep imply. Lawrence psychological analysis and narrative techniques perfect cleverly together, showing its superb narrative skills and narrative art, especially the superb art that reveal the inner world of characters, breathtaking. The success of the \

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