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A Study of Wuthering Heights from the Perspective of Ecocriticism

Author LiuChun
Tutor XiaoMingHan
School Sichuan Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Material wealth Natural Civilization Ecological balance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Emily Bronte's novel \Novel rich connotation critic interpretation contests. On the theme of the novel, Virginia Woolf's novels reflect the human condition through the theme of love. Fiction narratology reviews, Jane O'Neill, analysis of the effects and the role of the three-person narrative. Jane O'Neill and other critics also analyze the image of the United States of the novel. Burns and other critics from the angle of archetypal criticism, analysis of the novel, psychoanalytic point of view is also an important criticism of the novel angle some comments household and modern critical methods analyzed novel hypertext sex. The other critics dimensions, including the Gothic tradition, the novel poetic language. In addition, the novel nature and civilization ecological analysis is undoubtedly of great significance in contemporary society. This paper attempts to criticism from the ecological point of interpretation of the novel. Ecologist addition to today's society the natural ecological crisis but also the social ecological crisis, ecological crisis of the human spirit. Interpersonal relationships between people in the pursuit of material wealth, there have been alienated. Civilization to bring natural alienate followed people self lost. The article is divided into six parts: First, the domestic and international overview of the situation of \Ecocriticism theory basic viewpoints and Emily Bronte's ecological thinking. Illustrates the deep ecology particularly criticized the theory as well as social, ecological crisis, and spiritual crisis. Ecocriticism theory to explain novel social and ecological crisis, the performance of mutual exclusion and alienation between people. Fourth, with the spirit of the ecological crisis theory to explain the hero's spiritual crisis. Five generations of the hero back to nature and self-regression. Represent novel Hareton and Casey combination of civilization and the natural harmony of man and nature provides a good example. Overview Ecological criticism to interpret the meaning of \Emily Bronte natural as well as one's inner thoughts and feelings of focus reflects the thinking of ecologists proposed people-oriented spirit world. The spirit of ecological theory that the spiritual health of the people is an important factor in the ecological balance. Not a good spiritual home, will definitely lead to ecological imbalance of nature.

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