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Astudy on Classroom Psychological Environment in Senior High School English Teaching

Author SuLiLi
Tutor WangDong
School Shandong Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords English class classroom environment classroom atmosphere psychological environment
CLC G633.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In recent years, with the implementation of quality education, deepening the reform of English teaching has been an upsurge of interest. The advanced teaching methods and successful research achievements are emerging increasingly, but as a result of the influence of the traditional English teaching ideas, the optimization of the psychological environment which affects the quality of English teaching most fundamentally and most directly is subject to certain limitations. Currently in English classroom teaching, a great many English teachers unduly emphasize English knowledge, neglect skills and only take into account of the high-density, the coherence and hierarchy of the teaching contents, neglecting the interest of language activities. With time passing by, more and more students lose interest in learning English.The domestic and foreign scholars have applied the definition, the research and the analysis on the classroom psychological environment from all angles and different levels. What is meant by the psychological environment? In the 1930s, the famous psychologist K. Lewin brought forward the concept of psychological environment, which refers to people’s mind, that is to say, actual psychological facts and matters that can influence a person’s behavior. As to the psychological environment, different scholars have different definitions and classifications. In some literatures abroad, the classroom psychological environment is usually called as the classroom atmosphere, the classroom climate or the learning environment. Some Chinese scholars have also conducted researches in this aspect.In short, the psychological environment consists of interpersonal relationships, teaching atmosphere, individual psychological factors, and the form of teaching and learning and so on. In this thesis, English classroom psychological environment means that teachers and students gain an advantage of a relatively stable state of mind in English classroom activities. It mainly refers to the psychological state of groups, including the relatively stable arousal state, language status, emotional state and the state of inspiration manifested in mental activity of groups.The psychological environment is a“soft environment”or“invisible environment”in foreign language teaching, which exists in the human brain. It can only be indirectly observed and controlled, whose function is actually present, restricting efficiency and the effect of the foreign language teaching activity fundamentally. Each activity of foreign language teaching during the whole process are being carried on in a certain and the ever-changing environment. The great influence of a positive classroom environment on classroom teaching activities mainly manifested that the classroom psychological environment is one of the basic conditions for teaching. The relationship between teachers and students, interpersonal relationships, and class atmosphere in teaching has an impact on the effectiveness of teaching activities. In a sense, success or failure of teaching activities is closely related to the psychological environment. Different psychological environment in classroom teaching activities will often result in different realms and levels, producing different results.Regretfully, our educational and the academic circles started to research into the teaching environment relatively late. And there is little discussion on the relevant research. In this situation, the author attempts to study the students’psychological environment in English classroom by creating a positive classroom environment. Teaching methodology is employed in the experimental group to explore whether a positive classroom environment is conducive to improving the effectiveness of learning and how the teachers consciously create a positive classroom environment in teaching, helping students improve learning efficiency and helping teachers improve teaching quality and enhance students’overall and healthy development.The author compares the experimental group with the control group and investigates the students with a questionnaire named English Classroom Psychological Environment Questionnaire. Meanwhile, the students take two exams before and after the experiment. After that the author collects all the data and analyses them statistically by using SPSS16.0 for windows to conduct a comparative study of the correlation analysis between students’learning and psychological environment.The results show that: positive English classroom psychological environment has significant impacts on students’English learning effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary for English teachers to control the change of the classroom environmental factors and the interaction between them so as to create a harmonious English learning classroom and thus to promote the healthy development of both teachers and students.Based on the domestic and foreign research achievements on educational environment, some strategies on creating a positive English classroom psychological environment are used in the author’s experiment:1. The shifting of teachers’roles2. Admiring education3. Creating a relaxing and cheerful psychological environmentIt has been proved by the author’s practice that all the strategies discussed above are effective, but the research on the establishment of a positive English classroom psychological environment is of permanent value. In order to achieve the goal to promote the overall development of both teachers and students, we still have a long way to go. The research on it is a long-term process, which is worthy to be pursued through our English teachers’ life.

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