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Church and State System of tribal coalition

Author GengGaoCaiRang
Tutor LuoSangDanZeng
School Central University for Nationalities
Course Tibetology
Keywords Amdo Tribe Cooperation Tribal system Tibetan Buddhism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Gannan Tibetan located in Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces border the northeast edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, has a unique geographical location and natural beauty. The territory of the complex terrain, the terrain west to east, southeast valley minimum. Yellow surround Maqu County, across the state border Tao River flows into luqu, Xiahe, Zhuoni, Lintan County, big summer through Xiahe County, Hebei exit; Bailongjiang through Diebu, Zhou Qu. Anima Aoyama (Jishi), Minshan, Diego Mountains, west-dipping mountains lie within the main peak were between 4000-5000 meters. From time immemorial, people of Gannan early ancestors lives and breeds in this area. And cooperation ((?)) Twenty-one tribe located in this location in the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (now that I Township Municipal Cooperation and four district offices territory), east of town, and this cooperation Zhuoni City Zuogaimanma County township to take sand, south of the city this cooperation Kamo tribute, Le Show, Xiahe County Bora, bar oil Township, north of the city Kajia Man Township this cooperation. Low-lying southwest northeast, hilly territory, between flat wide marsh, the Department of the low mountainous terrain, land utilization. Hilly grassland animal husbandry as the main tribal base, good vegetation, Pingchou Trinidad; hilly area of ??agriculture (farming and animal husbandry) area, where farming is the main economic sectors. View from the cooperative's geographical location, it is not only breeding ground for Amdo Tibetan, is one of cooperation twenty-one tribes and other ministries fall Amdo political, economic, cultural and other aspects of interaction and impact zone. Therefore, the cooperation twenty-one tribal historical development in Amdo history of relations between the tribe has a special status. Here not only has regional characteristics of Tibetan history and culture, and has far ahead of other fraternal Gannan tribal social system and the unique geographical location (political and religious coalition tribal system and coherence Gannan seven counties statewide traffic arteries). Therefore, it is the study of Gannan Tibetan tribes and tribal relations history of the important areas. In this thesis, Amdo Tibetan ethnic origin of this title as the main line to discuss cooperation twenty-one tribal formation and development and evolution, and then transfer the contents of the paper and fixed in the political and religious alliance system up this unique tribal system by detailing the formation process of this system to discuss political and religious alliance system's organizational structure and social functions. The first chapter deals with the specific content that the Amdo Tibetan ethnic origin; second chapter will be officially cut to the chase to discuss the formation of political and religious alliance system and the historical reasons for the formation of this system; Chapter III under the system of political and religious coalition government organizations and social system, these two chapters will be whole thesis innovation lies. The fourth chapter is the tribal territory of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist architecture; fifth chapter discusses the economic and social characteristics of the tribe, and finally the conclusion.

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