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Newly Campus Culture Construction

Author LiZuo
Tutor ZhangBaoKun;FengHaiQing
School Yunnan Normal University
Course Higher Education
Keywords newly-built colleges and universities campus culture construction
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Enter 1990s, our country’s economy developed at a high speed, the higher educational undertaking of China has been already from the steady development that is educated to optimize the education structure. In order to promote regional economic and social development, satisfy people’s social demand, newly-built universities and colleges of undergraduate course arise at the historic moment. From 1999 to 2007, successively nearly there was independence of more than 220 junior colleges or amalgamate the regular higher educational institutions which were promoted as the undergraduate colleges and universities.In the shutting and setting up of these schools, because it historical accumulation, orientation and basic terms, educational management restriction of factors, have not especially formed the overall one, had educating people’s environment of a educational function yet, result in lacking campus cultural idea and campus development of a cultural environment corresponding to personnel training, make educational course, efficiency in school management and ticipated result that educate produce certain deviation. Because of this, this thesis is on the basis of consulting a large amount of documents and materials has made the corresponding concept to define newly-built universities and colleges of undergraduate course and campus culture. Uses the literature to study law, historical research law, comparative study law, etc. Combines the problem that present newly-built universities and colleges of undergraduate course existing in cultural construction of the campus and carries on reason anal, puts forward the constructive countermeasure to ponder over to reorganization, integration and innovation of the campus culture of newly-built universities and colleges.The main research conclusion of this article is that, newly-built colleges anduniversities takes orientation as the direction of its running at the beginning of itsfoundation, proceeds from four respects of making up of the culture of the campus(material culture, systemnatical culture, spiritural culture and behavioral culture) , recombinants, combines and innovates the campus culture of the original junior college pointedly, establishes the perspective long-term plan of the school, promotes culture and educate people’s environments; Increases the input in goods and materials, pays attention to being practical and esthetic, establishes brand characteristic; Constructs the management system of scientific democracy, provides the construction standard with the undergraduate course adapts; Strengthens humanized management, improves the incentive mechanism, and perfects the appraisal system. The idea that condensed to run a school, stress the characteristic of running a school, Promotes the reformation of campus culture; Establishes the correct values, improves teachers, students, administrative personnel and workers’ spiritual level; Trains the studying type to organize, strengthens the key competitiveness; Strengthens the moral education of the thought, leads campus people to guide one’s own behavior with the correct thought actively; Enhancement school interflow between home and abroad, open teacher and student academic field of vision, ablation culture conflict and contradiction. Organizes the rich and colorful campus cultural activity, promotes the cultural grade in the campus. Meanwhile, newly-built universities and colleges needs to be based on one’s own reality, on the basis of summarizing, exploring, refining constantly, foster the culture of university of the characteristic with strong character with characteristic of era actively, settle solid foundation for realizing the great-leap-forward development of newly-built universities and colleges, realizes campus culture of culture educate people, teach, grind, educate people, management educate people, which environment educate people, educate students through service in environment educate the functions of people overally, progresses and makes one’s own due contribution for social economic development in an all-round way.

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