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The Research on Supply Chain Collaborative Commerce of Industrial Cluster

Author XiaoHaiYan
Tutor ZengXiaoQing
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Business management
Keywords Industrial clusters Type of supply chain Collaborative Commerce Business cooperation Cluster Supply chain enterprises Core enterprise Collaborative model Supply Chain Collaboration Supplier relationships Supply Chain Alliance Business Collaboration Partners Core competitiveness Competitive advantage Upstream and downstream enterprises Collaborative sales Cluster Enterprises Competing relationship Inter-enterprise
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Industrial clusters as the mode of large-scale production of a social organization, has become a global economic phenomenon, but also a continued growth in the core of a national and regional economic growth pole. Foster industrial clusters, to play cluster effect, and enhance industrial competitiveness and regional economic strength, is the inevitable choice for the smooth realization of the target of building a moderately prosperous society. Now increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, enterprises rely solely on their own efforts is difficult to obtain long-term competitive advantage, must unite upstream and downstream enterprises, rely on the group as a whole to work together to enhance the competitive strength; On the other hand, the gathering of the industry in the geographically adjacent area by sharing resources, information, technology, and other elements, can give full play to the scale and scope of the industry cluster effect. In this context, the study of supply chain management and collaborative commerce has important practical significance. Now, the trend of companies facing global competition and market segmentation, market demand for the diversification of product life cycles are getting shorter, the time needed for the production, understanding of customer needs and respond to changes in the market become a necessity. In addition to making every effort to improve the traditional business, the enterprise must actively face their challenges. In this case, the concept of the supply chain is therefore to develop. Enterprise supply chain management, in order to strengthen their organization, to meet the needs of their key customers, the largest commercial profit at the lowest cost. Business partnerships and inter-enterprise collaboration in the supply chain management have received greater attention. Collaboration between enterprises due to the close relationship between the upstream and downstream enterprises in supply chain management has become a key part of it is the integration of resources a key factor. : Through the use of electronic technology enterprise cooperation and interaction between According to Chu Haichun definition of co-operation, suppliers, business partners and customers via the Internet in real-time communication and collaboration as a whole can share and use of data, knowledge, and human resources. Whether it is the exchange of business relationship between the corporate sector or between enterprises of any form of cooperation, such as product design, supply chain planning, forecasting, material flow, marketing and so may be considered as co-operating. This build collaborative operation to focus more on cooperation and interaction mode. For successful collaboration in the supply chain, supply chain, suppliers, manufacturers, customers and distributors must be built in a business partnership, mutual trust and mutually beneficial work hand-in-hand. The provinces and cities are now active in construction of industrial clusters, but not strong inter-firm linkages. The enterprise portfolio loose just space, geographical gathered a mess and can not become a complete system. Enterprises must strengthen synergies with supply chain partners to enhance the competitive advantage of the entire supply chain, resulting in win-win co-exist in the market. On the other hand, the development of information technology and network technology for collaborative development of business provided technical support through to build collaborative commerce platform to build industry clusters, enterprises in the cluster can achieve collaborative procurement, collaborative production, collaborative sales and R \u0026 D synergies. Collaborative commerce and supply chain management to promote the formation, development and upgrading of clusters in the region, is a key way to improve the regional competitiveness. According to the research content is divided into the following sections. Chapter, First article from the the Concorde same business of industrial clusters, supply chain aspects introduces the research background and significance; then introduced the research status of this study content; research methods and ideas introduced in this article again, and finally outline study chapters assigned. The second chapter, the main study, the overall organizational structure and drivers of industrial clusters, discusses the advantages of the collaborative model of industrial clusters within the supply chain from the theory of cluster supply chain collaborative model based on industry cluster supply chain collaboration mode Finally, competitive relations and cooperation between enterprises in the industrial cluster analysis of how companies within the industry cluster cooperation from the perspective of cooperative game. Chapters III and IV, which focused on the construction of a of industrial clusters supply chain collaborative commerce platform. Specific analysis of collaborative commerce process framework of industrial clusters, as well as the function of the system architecture of collaborative commerce; given based on the characteristics of the supply chain collaborative commerce platform type selection, which is based on the core enterprise collaborative business again type of collaborative commerce platform, platform; then describes the function of the type of platform structure; summarize a few points to enhance the competitiveness of industrial clusters of Hunan revelation Finally, according to the research. Chapter Hunan Yili Logistics Park Collaborative Commerce, for example, to design collaborative commerce framework based on the characteristics of the park, and to achieve the functionality of the supply chain collaborative commerce logistics park, supply chain collaborative commerce to other industrial clusters The building has a certain reference. Finally conclusions. Research and inadequacies of this article made a conclusion, future research the outlook. Industry cluster supply chain collaborative commerce research areas involving cross. This paper is based on research projects undertaken by his tutor, based on game theory, economic theory, the object of the idea of ??supply chain and collaborative commerce, collaborative commerce building Case Hunan Yili Logistics Park, combining theory and practice methods, supply chain collaboration mode of industrial clusters, the collaborative levels and operational framework of the supply chain collaborative commerce, collaborative business platform for the design and implementation of a comprehensive analysis and research. The supply chain collaborative commerce is the focus of this paper, to improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain and the competitiveness of the entire industry cluster by building a supply chain collaborative commerce. , Will become the focus of a new round of regional competition, but also the most important task of the future economic development of strategic emerging industries, cultivate a competitive industrial clusters. Therefore, this study has great practical significance. This article from the study the following conclusions: First, the characteristics of of the general collaborative model of the supply chain and industry cluster supply chain analysis, summed up the collaboration model based on the supply chain of the industry cluster. Second, build a model of collaborative analysis of the advantages of the supply chain of industrial clusters, cluster supply chain advantage, under the same conditions in the cluster core businesses to choose cluster companies as partners more competitive; supply chain the most favorable choice is cooperation, and honored to have a good set is divided into commitment, but the party in order to obtain greater benefits in violation of the agreement of cooperation in the supply chain, the supply chain alliance may disintegrate. Because of this possibility, the collaboration of supply chain cooperation mechanism, should also establish appropriate supervision and punishment mechanism. Third, the efficiency of industrial clusters inadequate competition between enterprises and excessive competition will decline, the deterioration of the market environment, the impact of the enhancement of the competitiveness of industrial clusters, and even lead to the decline of the entire industry cluster analysis showed that the competing effects of the industrial clusters. Fourth, a summary of the supply chain and collaborative commerce discussed proposed operational process of the supply chain collaborative commerce framework and function of the system architecture, and given the functional structure of the supply chain collaborative commerce platform. The supply chain collaborative commerce platform is the basis of the supply chain collaborative commerce system through collaborative commerce platform to integrate different enterprise systems, to improve the timeliness of the information sharing among enterprises, flexibility and real-time, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of enterprises of the supply chain but also to enhance the core competitiveness of industrial clusters. Cluster homogenization today market competition intensifies, how to cultivate the core competitiveness of industrial clusters, the paper industry cluster supply chain collaborative commerce, summed up some inspiration. Sixth, the paper Hunan Yili Logistics Park Collaborative Commerce, for example, to design collaborative commerce framework based on the features of the park, and to achieve the functionality of the supply chain collaborative commerce logistics park construction of the supply chain collaborative commerce to other industrial clusters have a certain referential significance. Collaborative commerce supply chain of industrial clusters to conduct a more detailed study, the the author ability in research and elaboration of this article, there are a number of limitations. Mainly the following aspects: First, this article just gives industrial clusters in the supply chain between enterprises competing game, but not to explore the competing game between the supply chain and supply chain. In addition, the market is ever-changing, in the choice of competing game model should take into account a variety of factors, so it should be from a dynamic point of view to analyze the relationship between the competing enterprises. Second, a complete industrial clusters, the core business is more than one, but in this study supply chain collaborative commerce platform is designed based on a core business, so that the analysis of the functional modules may have some limitations. Third, the lack of detailed industry cluster supply chain collaborative commerce platform technology implementation process. Because there are still many limitations of this study, the future for these limitations do in-depth research, mainly including the following aspects: first, between enterprises within the industrial cluster has a repeated game features, I hope to explore from the point of view of the dynamic game The relationship of competition and cooperation between the enterprises of the industrial clusters. Second, scholars at home and abroad on the basis of want to be able to build a collaborative commerce platform for all organizational entities of industrial clusters, dynamic and efficient organization supply chain alliances and collaboration between enterprises. Third, the information technology industry cluster enterprises achieve seamless integration and interoperability based on research, service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web services technology to build support for inter-enterprise collaborative procurement, collaborative sales, collaborative design, collaborative R \u0026 D cooperation collaborative enterprise resource management system integrated framework to conduct collaborative commerce. This paper analyzes the effects of competition and cooperation of the industry cluster supply chain collaborative model and industrial clusters, which outlined the role of the supply chain management of industrial clusters; then analyze the operational framework of collaborative commerce and collaborative level was constructed based on the synergy of the core enterprise business platform, Hunan, Yili Logistics Park Collaborative Commerce Case Design and Implementation of the industry cluster supply chain collaborative commerce. Above studies ultimately provide reference for the enhancement of the competitiveness of industrial clusters.

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