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Research on the Alteration of Agricultural Development Pattern of China

Author ZuoMo
Tutor ShiAiHu
School Jimei University
Course National Economics
Keywords Agriculture Development mode Change Countermeasure
CLC F320
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, the health of the agricultural economic development is directly related to the harmony and stability of a country's economic, political, cultural, and people's livelihood. For this we have a large agricultural country of 800 million farmers and promote the agricultural development pattern, accelerate the development of modern agriculture is an urgent task. Changes in agricultural development, in addition to the transition to connotation type growth from epitaxial growth, the quality and efficiency of economic growth to agriculture should also simultaneously change, and comprehensively improve the quality of agricultural products, and strive to achieve the transition from low-tech to high-tech; to The breadth and depth of the development of agriculture, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of agriculture; support more population and more large-scale development of green agriculture transition to sustainable development, with limited natural resources. In this paper, to explore the meaning of agricultural development as well as the necessity of transformation of agricultural development based on focus on the transformation of agricultural development mode of the three major role that agricultural growth pattern, the agricultural structure adjustment and institutional change is the transformation of agricultural development mode . First, an overview of the role of agricultural growth in the transformation of agricultural development, the proposed measure of agricultural economic growth mode basic methods, including: invested elastic coefficient method, the target system, and total factor productivity method, and total factor productivity method of agricultural economic growth be judged by the way, come to China's agricultural growth is a combination of extensive and intensive stage; same time, pointed out that China's agricultural growth mode technology, capital, and institutional barriers to break through these barriers, the urgent need to speed up technological progress, reasonable transfer surplus agricultural labor force, to achieve the scale of operation, and greatly enhance the quality of agricultural laborers, and reform and improve the relevant institutional arrangements. Secondly, through the analysis of the trends in the evolution of the agricultural structure, the problems that exist in the current industrial structure of agriculture include: the formation of a buyer's market, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand; unreasonable structure of agricultural production, low economic efficiency; obvious regional characteristics of agricultural products as well as The lack of investment in science and technology, industrial upgrading difficulties; proposed adjustment should be based on the principles of market-oriented industrialization, economic benefits and ecological benefits. Finally, focusing on the transfer of land, labor, the impact of changes in rural finance, science and technology, and resources environmental protection system of China's agricultural development. Improve the rural land system, not only can the food security and stable supply, prompting farmers continued to increase, but also can improve the operating efficiency of the rural land development scale operation to enhance the economic efficiency of agriculture, to provide a steady stream of power to change the way of the development of agricultural economy; agricultural surplus the orderly transfer of the labor force, is conducive to the development of the scale of operations, and improve labor productivity was constantly expanding trend; With the development of the agricultural economy, the demand for capital, a reasonable rural financial system is an important support for the changes in agricultural development; agriculture science and technology system can effectively improve the level of agricultural science and technology to improve the content of science and technology in agricultural growth to achieve the purpose to enhance the efficiency of production factors, is changing the fundamental way to achieve agricultural development; agricultural resources and the environment is a basic material foundation and economic development of the agricultural production fundamental conditions, properly handle the relationship between agricultural development and environmental protection, rational and efficient use of agricultural resources, modern production intensification of agricultural development mode shift from traditional production methods that rely on resource consumption, the prerequisite for achieving sustainable development.

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