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The Study of Forest Ecology Demand’s Situation and Countermeasures

Author YangZuPing
Tutor WenZuoMin
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
Keywords Ecology demand Forest ecology demand Willingness survey Regression analysis Jiangsu province
CLC F205
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Our country is in the historical period that industrialization accelerates now. Economic growth is rough. The consumptions of energy and resources are large and the dissipation is serious. The environment problem is protruding. The development is unsustainable and ecocide is serious. The problem of ecology demand problem is protruding obviously. As largest ecosystem of land, the forest ecology system provides important ecology service to human society and satisfies the ecology demand of human being and has extremely important role.This master thesis has detailed analyzed forest ecology demand and offered comparatively complete concept system. This thesis also induced the indicator system of forest ecology demand including 8 one-level indicators and 33 two-level indicators. And this thesis also elaborated the hierarchical structure of forest ecology demand according to the different demand subject. These 3 hierarchies are forest ecology demand of consumer, forest ecology demand of enterprise and forest ecology of government. This thesis also analyzed the main impact factors of the forest ecology demand for different subjects.In case study, surveyed forest ecology demand of Jiangsu province by willingness survey, and take this as an example. According to factor analysis draw the conclusion that willingness of payment is positive correlation to the strength of forest ecology demand, income per year, district of inhabitation, the scholastic degree and age, and is negative correlation to environments of inhabitation. I also offered the multiple regression equation and estimated the total forest ecology demand of Jiangsu province’s people is 1.8762×1010yuan. According to factor analysis of the forest ecology demand of Jiangsu province government, draw the conclusion that government image, the laws and regulations about environment, the willingness of the people are the important factors of the forest ecology demand. By analysis this thesis revealed that forest ecology demand does not been satisfied and it is very imperative and important to improve ecology environment and offer basis to construct green Jiangsu. As so realize the harmony of unity and development of people, nature and economy. It also promote the construction of green Jiangsu and better satisfy the demand of ecology, demand of matter and demand of spirit so as to enhance the happiness of the people. These also offer theoretical instruction and practical experience for our people’s forest ecology demand and ecology demand.

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