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Effects of Surface Treatment on Interfacial and Mechanical Properties of Hollow Integrate Glass/Carbon Fibers Hybrid Composites

Author WangJuanJuan
Tutor QianKun
School Jiangnan University
Course Textile Engineering
Keywords Overall hollow Confounding preform Surface Modification Interfacial properties Mechanical Properties
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Use transformation of the subject rapier equipment weaving integral hollow GF / CF hybrid precast and hybrid precast hollow as a whole GF / CF combination approach using DBD plasma processing and DBD plasma with coupling agent coated for surface treatment, so that the promiscuous glassy preform, between the two kinds of carbon fibers and the epoxy resin to achieve the overall optimal bonding performance. The final study surface treatment affect the the hybrid composite interface and basic mechanical properties of the overall hollow GF / CF. The main contents of the following five parts: (1) design and weaving the whole hollow GF / CF hybrid prefabricated pieces. Design includes enhanced aspect of the choice of materials, design and organization of the panel, the structure of the core material parameter settings; transformation rapier weaving process, the use of special \the overall hollow GF / CF hybrid preform. (2) the use of DBD plasma processing whole hollow GF / CF hybrid preform, and to determine the appropriate plasma treatment process. Select four different power, a plasma treatment on the design of woven \Then using scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, methylene blue adsorption experiments, fiber invasive experiments, single strands stretched experiment to observe characterization of the DBD plasma of mixed precast fiberglass, carbon fiber treatment effect. Comprehensive analysis of the various characterization results to determine the most suitable of the hybrid preform a plasma processing power. (3) DBD plasma processing and coupling agent coated composite hybrid preform to improve the fiber / resin interface performance. Hybrid preform, and then select the most suitable plasma power handling KH560 coupling agent coating. Analysis by scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, chemical mechanism, the characterization of a single tensile experiments can be seen, the composite processing method in the interface layer to form a strong chemical bond connection, there are conducive to a better combination of the fibers and the resin, giving the whole hollow GF / CF better mechanical properties of hybrid composites. (4) hybrid preform before and after surface treatment in the testing and analysis of the binding properties of the fiber and resin interface. Micro-debonding carbon complex tensile experiments, the test plasma processing and composite processing binding properties of mixed precast fiberglass, carbon fiber and resin interface. The results showed that: after plasma treatment, fiberglass and carbon fiber and epoxy resin bonding performance has improved to varying degrees, DBD plasma processing and coupling agent coated composite interface combined with improved performance, a more significant effect. (5) surface treatment before and after the whole hollow GF / CF hybrid composite mechanical properties testing. Use of a vacuum assisted molding process DBD plasma and the coupling agent-coated composite the promiscuous preform treated composite molded with an epoxy resin system, respectively, and after forming the overall hollow GF / CF hybrid composites subjected to a tensile, bending, compression, and other basic mechanical properties testing. The results show that: the combined treatment, the overall hollow GF / CF hybrid composites tensile, bending, compression performance are more substantial increase. The subject of the research method for surface modification of the overall structure of the hybrid fiber composite materials to provide a reliable reference, as well as a whole hollow hybrid has laid the foundation for the optimization of the mechanical properties of the composites.

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