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Barrier Free Education Website Design and Realization for the Visually Impaired

Author FanZuo
Tutor YangXuBo;SunYong
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords The visually impaired Barrier free Website design Exploitation BOBBY Test
CLC TP393.092
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The visually impaired takes up a remarkable proportion in the handicapped in China. In our country, education aiming at the visually impaired is far behind that for common people, which has a lot of problems such as their difficulties on study and employment. When it comes to its reasons, in addition to the action inconvenience of the visually impaired, it is mainly because the education for the handicapped cost high, causing teachers in short supply. The emergence of the Internet in 1960s, by bringing convenience and opportunities for education improvement of the visually impaired, plays a positive role for education. Featured with good capacity of across space-time, resource sharing and communicating, Internet can resolve the problems of the action inconvenience as well as teachers’short supply for the visually impaired as an auxiliary tool. The internet allows them to embrace information and education on it without going out and also allows them to communicate with people of any nationalities around the world whenever it is convenient. The Internet, by providing abundant teaching materials and meeting their need for study, has offered a new means of teaching for the visually impaired education. In that way, how can this special group be accessible to the Internet education? Well, a barrier free internet environment is needed to be constructed, where the visually impaired can enjoy information like common people do. Recently, the project of barrier free information has seen a great growth in our country, with a gradual improvement and perfection both in laws and regulations as well as in technical standard.In order to put the designing concept into practice, the author has mainly made research and analysis on the current situation of the barrier free education website and key study points for the visually impaired. Such website is designed and exploited aiming at the visually impaired, allowing them to obtain information through Internet like ordinary people. To satisfy the special needs of their study, the author has applied technologies of the speech synthesis and the shortcut control; together with timely adjusting font size technology for the amblyope as well as color contrast technology. In that case, they are able to operate the website handily with the help of keyboard shortcuts, such as browsing the web and listening to what on it. That’s the uniqueness distinguishing it from other barrier free study website in that it makes study convenient for the visually impaired. As a result, more visually impairers have received education, finally improving their obtaining information state. Specifically speaking, the research is made up of the following parts: Chapter One has introduced the background and significance of the research project as well as its main content.Chapter Two has given a description of related concepts like the visually impaired website and its function; it has also analyzed relevant information both home and abroad about barrier free education website.Chapter Three has discussed design principles of the barrier free education website for the visually impaired, including theory and technology principles.Chapter Four designs the system framework of barrier free education website, including demand analysis and website objectives, and specifically elaborates website system modeling.Chapter Five designs and develops barrier free education website for visually impaired users, including design of each module and realization of web pages, key techniques of websites (shortcut control, voice synthesis technique).Chapter Six has made Bobby Test and artificial assessment on the study website that is designed and achieved, after which evaluation and modification is made to the system according to the test, in order to improve its function.Chapter Seven is a summary of the whole thesis, coming up with the suggestion for development of visually impairers’net education as well as the forecast of its possible growth trend and orientation.

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