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The Research on Application of Exploitation Technic for Sagd of the Super-heavy Oil

Author ZhouMingSheng
Tutor ZhouZhiJun;XuGuoMin
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Petroleum and Natural Gas
Keywords Super Heavy Oil Development approach Test Control technology Application Research
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Shuyi District of super heavy oil accumulated proven oil-bearing area 23.6km2, proven geological oil reserves of 18308 × 104t . Reservoir depth of 550 ~ 1150m, the purpose of the layer upper Es3 sand Sec Guantao group three sets of strata . 1996 steam stimulation test , development and construction in 1997 , the use of petroleum geological reserves of 1.1847 million tons , 300 million tons of crude oil production capacity has been built , the scale of the annual crude oil production of 2.75 million tons . Since 2003 , the main part of the capacity building is basically completed, start the the edge capacity continued construction work . Edge reservoir overall thinning , the monolayer thickness thinning , complex relationship between oil and water , resulting in well productivity than the main part of a more significant decline . Due to the special nature of the oil caused by the deepening of cyclic steam stimulation production decline , the annual decline rate of around 20% , the edge capacity continued construction work alone is difficult to maintain the stability of the super - heavy oil production , and therefore continued construction in the capacity to carry out the old liberated development. DU 84 Ng, based on strengthening the SAGD theory study and research , recognizing Hing Ⅰ and S3 on the reservoir is very suitable for SAGD technology development , 2005 to start in Ng and S3 , on the reservoir , respectively, to carry out four wells group of straight wells , water Hirai combination of SAGD pilot test , converted for super heavy oil development and enhanced oil recovery basis basic implementation success and initial promotion . Of super heavy oil Shuyi District geological understanding of foundation , summed up its throughput development law , the remaining oil distribution of . SAGD adaptive research to determine the filter criteria , screening conducted for SAGD area in the region . Physical modeling and numerical simulation techniques in the implementation process , SAGD development mechanism and development phase is divided , and a breakthrough in the practice and innovative dual horizontal wells circulation Preheat drive vent combined with a variety of key technologies , and summarizes the field control technology, and laid the foundation for the next step industrialized implementation .

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