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Research of Digital Control System of Bearingless Slice Motors on DSP28335

Author LiuXiu
Tutor DengZhiQuan
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Motor and electrical
Keywords Slice Motors No bearing ANSYS Workbench TMS320F28335 Matlab
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Bearingless permanent magnet sheet motor is a set of drivers with suspended in one of the new motor, the motor stator and rotor no contact, easy isolation, simple structure, high reliability, and low cost, biochemical, medical, electrical and mechanical such as the field of ultra-clean drive has a unique advantage. Conducted in-depth research for bearingless permanent magnet the flakes motor control system and the optimization of the motor body. Through the establishment of bearingless permanent flakes motor three-dimensional model of the passive suspension characteristics of the motor and the rotor dynamics; structures based on the TMS320F28335 no bearing PM Slice motor digital control system platform, integrated toolbox for Matlab internal completion of the digital control system software development, and generate DSP executable code; establish bearingless permanent magnet sheet Simulink model of the motor control system, suspension and drive control of the correctness of the algorithm is verified by simulation; no bearing PM Slice Motor System integrated debugging, and ultimately to achieve the high-speed stability suspended operation of a permanent magnet no bearing sheet motor no-load conditions. First of all, the basic principle of never bearing sheet permanent magnet motor, the finite element analysis software ANSYS Workbench bearingless permanent magnet the flakes motor three-dimensional model, electromagnetic field simulation by finite element analysis and verification, in-depth study of the permanent magnet the flakes motor structure parameters of torque and suspension force. On this basis, the rotor in the axial and torsional direction disturbance rotor dynamics, laid the foundation for optimal design sheet bearing motor. Second, for high-speed motor suspension control unit operation speed rotation, this paper designed a set based on TMS320F28335 bearingless permanent magnet sheet motor digital control system platform, the DSP chip comes with hardware floating-point arithmetic unit, can greatly improve the the speed of operation of the complex algorithm, effectively enhance the real-time processing capability of the control system. On the hardware side, take full advantage of the rich peripheral interfaces of the DSP chip, simplifying the system architecture, provides a reliable hardware experimental platform for the realization of high-speed permanent magnet-type bearingless motor suspension control. In addition, bearing complex motor control algorithms, the software development cycle is longer. This is the first introduction of the Matlab toolbox developed DSP software to bearingless motor study, This approach simplifies the DSP software development process, eliminating the program coding tasks, reducing the developers DSP understanding, shorten the development of software algorithms time. This paper describes the use Matlab toolbox for developing DSP software method to build a bearingless permanent magnet sheet motor control system algorithm model, and simulation to verify the correctness of the control algorithm, and the resulting executable code, in order to achieve high-speed permanent magnet type without The bearing motor suspension control provides efficient software development platform. Finally, integrated by the system to debug and verify the correctness of the design of the system software and hardware to achieve a stable suspension of a permanent magnet bearing sheet motor high speed run.

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