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Compact SCR purification silencer Design and Simulation

Author YinHeJian
Tutor JiZhenLin
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Power Machinery and Engineering
Keywords Diesel Purification silencer Selective Catalytic Reduction Resistance loss Acoustic Performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As emission standards become increasingly stringent , the machine purification has been unable to meet demand, thereby enhancing the outside purification become diesel exhaust purification trend. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology is considered to be the most promising diesel after-treatment technologies. Compact SCR purification muffler of SCR catalytic converter and the exhaust muffler functions combined into one , both play of the diesel engine exhaust gas purification, and can realize to reduce the exhaust noise, double effect , and saves layout space . In this paper, influence compact SCR purification muffler flow distribution , pressure drop and acoustic performance factors were analyzed. SCR catalytic converter inside is a typical two-phase flow , the cellular carrier as a porous medium . This article uses the Fluent software k? Ε two-equation model to calculate steady-state flow of the continuous phase , using Fluent two-phase flow in the DPM model simulations sprayed into the SCR catalytic converter inside the droplet particle motion , phase coupling calculation to solve the flow field . Studied the reducing agent added, the catalytic converter import cone shapes, vector length , the carrier position , the carrier aspect ratio and inlet velocity and other factors on catalytic converters flow field distribution and resistance loss effects . Using the finite element method SCR catalytic converter to establish acoustic model , an SCR catalytic converter is divided into two parts: the catalytic carrier portion and the inlet and outlet cavity portion . Carrier partly equivalent fluid description , in fact, is based on media equivalent velocity and equivalent density replacement . When using SYSNOISE Acoustics when calculated are given two different regions of velocity and density of the SCR catalyst boundary conditions the speed import impedance export , the calculated transmission losses. Combined with the literature experimental values ​​, verified the proposed method. Meanwhile, the analysis of the SCR catalytic converter import cone cone angle , fluid temperature , vector length , vector equivalent aperture and other factors on the catalytic converter acoustic performance. Design Compact SCR purification silencer device simulation , analyze ways of imports , the internal connecting tubes, perforated pipe for compact SCR purification muffler flow field , the resistance loss , transmission loss effects .

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