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Adulteration Study of P-type Transparent Conducting Oxide CuAlO2

Author GuoFeiFei
Tutor YangBin
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords CuAlO2 ceramic CuAlO2 film Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) Optoelectronic properties
CLC O484.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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CuAlO 2 film Kawazoe et al in 1997 with a chemical modification (CMVB) based on the price of the theory for the first time prepared delafossite structure p-type transparent conductive oxide films. Since CuAlO 2 film was found to be a p-type transparent conductive oxide, has aroused widespread concern. However, a good preparation performance CuAlO 2 film has been a problem, so far, has studied a variety of the preparation CuAlO 2 films, including pulsed laser deposition ( PLD), magnetron sputtering, chemical vapor deposition. In order to prepare a the performance CuAlO 2 film, paper first explores the quality CuAlO 2 ceramic target preparation process. We chose Cu 2 O, Al 2 O 3 , MgO, and CaO powder as raw material, synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction method undoped The heteroaryl and Mg, Ca-doped CuAl 1-x M X O 2 (M = Mg, Ca, x = 0,0.0025 0.005,0.01,0.015,0.02) ceramic target, by means of XRD, SEM, four-probe test on the target structure, morphology, electrical properties were characterized and analyzed. XRD analysis showed that the undoped CuAlO 2 ceramic target all diffraction peaks from CuAlO 2 , Mg, Ca-doped CuAlO 2 The the ceramic target's main diffraction peak from CuAlO 2 , there is a small amount of CuO peak. SEM analysis showed that the higher the sintering temperature is more conducive to CuAlO 2 ceramics form a large grain. Four-probe test results show that the conductivity of the undoped CuAlO 2 ceramic has reached 9.87 × 10-3S/cm, the mg and CA-doped CuAlO 2 conductivity of ceramics increased and then decreased with increasing the doping concentration reached the doping concentration of 1%, maximum value, respectively of 2.34 × -2 S / cm 2.016 × 10 -2 S / cm. Taking into account the advantages of pulsed laser deposition, we synthesized using conventional solid-state reaction method using the pulsed laser deposition method CuAlO CuAlO 2 2 ceramic as a target on sapphire substrates prepared by the film. Were characterized by XRD, SEM, UV - visible spectrophotometer, Keithley4200-SCS Semiconductor Parametric Test System CuAlO 2 thin film phase composition, surface and cross section, optical properties, electrical properties, characterization and analysis . XRD analysis prepared under different conditions CuAlO 2 films are polycrystalline structure, the main diffraction peak from CuAlO 2 . SEM analysis showed that the undoped and doped CuAlO 2 film sample are relatively uniform and dense, and good combination with the substrate. Spectroscopy showed that prepared in the different conditions CuAlO 2 a visible light transmittance of the film has reached more than 75%, the transmittance of the film. Electrical performance analysis results show that the CuAlO 2 film conductivity by the substrate temperature and the oxygen partial pressure greater impact, a higher substrate temperature and a lower oxygen partial pressure is more conducive to the thin film conductive improved.

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