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Studies on Urban Characteristic Culture and Construction of Urban Landscape

Author LiXingXi
Tutor JiangWeiBing
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Landscape Architecture
Keywords construction characteristic culture urban landscape fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
CLC S731.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As the rapid growth of economy, urban landscape plays a more and more important role as carrier of urban culture in the competition of a city development. The correct orientation of urban culture can improve the urban landscape’s attraction and connotation, and further promote the urban economy development. During the long process of historical development, Lianyungang has got abundant peculiar urban culture and masterpiece of classic literature. Referring to the conception and characteristics of this city, the urban culture and the urban landscape, it can be summarized that the urban culture in Lianyungang is primarily the mountains and sea culture, historical culture, Bridge cultural, classical masterpieces culture, Huaiyan Culture and Religious Culture. From the promotion of urban economic development, resources abundance, well-known degree, the unique and representative spirit of the city, it can be summed up that the characteristic culture of this city is the classic literature and the development of urban culture directed by the mountains and sea culture, among which a lot of attention is paid to the improvement of masterpieces of classic literature. The concept of landscape evaluation rules are proposed and used in the Lianyungang’s landscape evaluation by comparing domestic cross-sectional evaluation modes. According to the cultural background of Lianyungang urban landscape and natural landscape features, evaluation criterion and multilevel target evaluation system is established. With the effort to seek the integrated value of the urban landscape, three-dimensional urban landscape value composing of "subjective factors", "objective factors" and "time" is proposed. Besides that, the relationship between urban landscape and time is reflected in the three-dimensional coordinate system making use of the fuzzy transformation and benefiting from this, multilevel fuzzy comprehensive evaluation about Lianyungang’s main landscape of classical masterpieces are finished. Using the questionnaire methods to collect data, we build a fuzzy evaluation matrix. Inviting experts to grade for the weight of sub-goal, based on the degree of membership of weight set from experts, formula for the membership function is established. In order to improve the accuracy of evaluation, its nature and degree of membership were discussed respectively and three fuzzy transform algorithms were used to fuzzy transform. Comparing the results of three algorithms, two of the same data used to evaluate the results with the principle of maximum membership degree. The evaluation results about first order and the second order were got respectively to provide the basis for comprehensive landscape value. According to the results and status of the survey of the other existing landscapes in the Lianyungang’ three regions, the Flowers&fruits Mountain’s construction and popularity, influence are better than Donglei. What’s more, with the high correlation between the masterpieces, the Flowers&fruits Mountain may have good prospects, so do other landscapes of the "Journey to the West" construction. According to the results, the landscapes have some problems with the classic culture. For example the arrival rate to the Donglei landscape area is not high because of the deficiencies of scenic construction. Other landscapes have the problems with the single manifestation and the monotonous performance. According to the principles of landscape construction, corresponding suggestions are put forward.

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